Color Me Cured

By | November 5th, 2015|#trending, to do list, uncolored reviews|

November is National Diabetes Month. The goal is to spread awareness of the disease that is so often misunderstood and stigmatized. As I mentioned in my diabetes series earlier this fall, diabetes kills more people per year than AIDS and breast cancer combined. Type 1 diabetes is responsible for an estimated loss of life expectancy [...]

Through Iris Colored Glasses

By | October 6th, 2015|#trending, green with envy, pop culture, uncolored reviews|

“Color is so important. I mean, color can raise the dead.” -- Iris Apfel If you don’t know who Iris Apfel is, you are seriously missing out. I’ll admit that until recently, I wasn’t quite sure who she was. I recognized her from her signature round, oversized glasses and white hair. I knew she had [...]

The LC Runway Collection

By | September 16th, 2015|#trending, green with envy, pop culture, uncolored reviews|

It's no secret that I adore Lauren Conrad. In fact, I wrote all about my love for her a month or two ago on this very blog. I entered (and won!) a contest on her site. And when my friend referred to LC as my "spirit animal" just the other day, I basically squealed. So it [...]

Live Life Alive

By | July 8th, 2015|Color Me Hungry, to do list, uncolored reviews|

Life Alive Lowell Living in the suburbs the past year has had its ups and downs. Aside from the complete demolition of my social life, another aspect that has suffered is my taste buds. How many sub shops can possibly be placed within a two mile radius, you ask? As Cady Heron would say, the limit [...]

Chasing Netflix

By | June 23rd, 2015|pop culture, to do list, uncolored reviews|

I'm always looking for the best binge-worthy shows to add to my list on Netflix. What better way to use my time than by melting my brain with four consecutive hours of screen time? I mean, those late night hours would just be spent sleeping, anyway. Who needs that? That brings me to a few weeks [...]

UNcolored Review: Fabletics

By | June 18th, 2015|#trending, broke girl's budget, uncolored reviews|

I decided to change the title of my Reviews section to "UNcolored Reviews." Since I am still just another Joe Schmo in the blogging world, I obviously don't get paid to give positive reviews about brands or products. A girl can dream though. Anyway, you can count on the fact that my opinions will be totally [...]