Say Yes to The… Sweater?

Olivia WeddingAs most of us know, THE style icon Olivia Palermo tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend, German model Johannes Huebl, this past weekend.

I assumed Palermo’s wedding ensemble would be out of the ordinary, but I pictured something more along the lines of a pastel hued dress or even a structured white jacket over her gown.

I was surprised to see the trendsetter in separates – at first, not pleasantly so. I scoffed out loud when I spotted her solid three-quarter-length sweater. “That’s all she wore on her wedding day?” I gasped to my mom, who still isn’t quite sure who Olivia Palermo is. I think my initial disappointment came from two places:

1)    Society makes your wedding out to be the biggest day of your life, and I totally fell under that spell for a second when I turned the page of whatever magazine I spotted the newlyweds in.

2)    As one of my celebrity crushes, I had such high expectations of an extravagant, statement-making outfit for Palermo’s wedding day.

After about 45 seconds of glaring at the page, my mind did a complete 180. I realized:

1)    It’s a wedding. It’s one day, one ceremony. These people have been dating for over six years.

2)    Palermo did make a statement. That’s the whole point. Her statement was that she is a style icon and can wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She could style up a paper bag and people would ooh and ahh. That, and that she loves this hunky model and she doesn’t need to make a whole production out of it.

The couple got married in front of family and two friends. If that isn’t intimate, I don’t know what is. And I totally respect that. I actually might even envy it a little bit. I can only hope that I’ll be so in love with my German model hardworking and affectionate husband that I won’t need all the pomp and circumstance of a fairytale wedding.

Olivia Back ShotAnyway, back to the outfit. Upon further investigation, I found out that Palermo’s Carolina Herrera ensemble included three pieces, not two. She wore a cashmere sweater, a tulle skirt, and a pair of white shorts underneath. Perfect for that gorgeous photo of her frolicking away in the grass, messy ponytail and all. Style and function? Win, win.

She also took a page out of Carrie Bradshaw’s book and wore cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik shoes. The pop of color looked amazing – now let’s just hope Johannes is a better husband than Big.

So, I’m sorry for being rash, Olivia. I’m saying yes to your (three-piece) dress!


Tulle skirts aren’t just for special occasions, you know. In fact, I’ve wanted one since Carrie Bradshaw tried on her iconic tulle skirt/sheer tank top combo for the second time in the Sex and the City movie. Score a classic like this one from Etsy or this tamer version from Topshop. Not so sure about waltzing right into this ballerina trend? Ease in with this dress from Forever 21!


Forever21 Tulle Dress
Forever21 Tulle Dress
Topshop Tulle Skirt
Topshop Tulle Skirt
Etsy Tulle Skirt
Etsy Tulle Skirt

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