New Year, Slightly New Me

Happy New Year, friends! Can someone tell me how 2018 crept up so quickly? Normally, I’m not a huge believer in New Year’s resolutions. If I have specific goals in mind, I try to set and accomplish them throughout the year, rather than “saving them up” for January. This year, though, I’m going to make […]

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On Being “Too Sensitive”

Throughout our lives, we’re told to “stop being so sensitive.” It comes out of people’s mouths like it’s a bad word. Whenever we visibly feel something, we’re told we’re overreacting. People even blame our hurt feelings on our sensitivity as opposed to their own actions. So, what’s wrong with being sensitive? I, for one, think […]

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Another Year Wiser

It’s official. As of last night at approximately 11:04 PM, I am 26 years old. I’m more than halfway through my twenties. How did that happen?! The last year has been one of my best and one of my hardest. I learned a lot of lessons—many that I didn’t want to learn, but that were […]

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My Defining Decade

“If you can handle this disease, you can run a billion dollar company someday.” That’s what my nurse practitioner told me ten years ago as I sat in her office a few days after my diagnosis with type one diabetes. I thought it was just empty talk—something to make me feel better about the fact […]

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Quarter-Life Lessons

This fall, I am turning 26 years old. I’m more than halfway through my twenties. How is that even possible?! While I’m freaking out just a teeny bit, I have to admit that I’ve learned more in the last year than I have at any other age. I want to make the rest of my […]

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Dear 17-Year-Old Me…

A little over a month ago, I turned 25. A quarter-century! I know to most adults it sounds impossibly young. But to people my age, it represents the beginning of a new chapter of life. It seems to be the first birthday that brings people anxiety about their age. I’ll admit, the significance of it […]

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Apartment for One, Please


I currently live alone in a studio apartment. It happened more out of necessity than choice – I had barely any time to find an apartment in a new state, and I didn’t know anyone yet. Turns out, I actually love living the solo life. I’m the type of person that needs my own space. […]

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Yes, I Still Exist

real life

I cannot believe it’s been so long since I posted to the blog. I knew adjusting to a completely new life would take a good chunk of my attention, but I guess I didn’t realize how few and far between the moments of downtime would be. Or the fact that when I do have downtime, […]

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Making Moves

moving, first apartment

It has been almost two weeks since I last posted to the blog, which makes me so sad! But, my temporary disappearance from the blogosphere has been for an exciting reason. If you haven’t heard yet, I’m moving to Connecticut! I’ve accepted a position as Junior Copywriter for vineyard vines in Stamford. Needless to say, […]

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