I Found Affordable Dupes of the Best Outfits From “Emily in Paris” So You Don’t Have To: Part Two

As promised, I’m back with more Emily in Paris outfit dupes! After all, not all of us have the seemingly limitless salary of a fictional marketing associate living abroad. Colorfully yours, Haley Episode 6 Trendy Trench A metallic trenchcoat, sequined polka dot sweater and patterned shorts? Only Emily could make this look très chic. Dreamy […]

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NYC Apartment Tour

I moved into my “new” apartment five months ago…but I’m just finally getting around to sharing it with you. To be honest, it took me a long time to get it exactly how I wanted it—from waiting on backordered items to moments of indecision and pure laziness, this apartment was certainly not built in a […]

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Talking Shop

Hey, friends! Long time no see. Or, in your case, read.  I reached out to my Instagram followers on my personal account the other day to find out what you all would like to see more of. Some of you were super helpful, some of you trolled me, and most of you just watched my story […]

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How to Wear Tulle IRL

how to wear tulle

When you hear the word tulle, your mind probably jumps to an image of a ballerina. Or a prom dress gone wrong. But tulle isn’t just for dancers or gaudy teens. In fact, it can be super chic. So here I am to show you how to wear tulle in real life—no ballet slippers required. If […]

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Lookin’ Bomb

Satin bomber jackets are all the rage right now. And while I was reticent to reveal my love for them at first, I’ve decided to fully own it. Literally and figuratively…I’m ordering one today. I’m all about casual-cool looks these days, and these bombers are basically the definition of that style. They’re comfortable, easy to […]

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Think Outside the Bag

kate spade flower pot bag

Obviously you know by now that I appreciate fashion that’s a little quirky… just like me! So when I saw the above image on Kate Spade’s Twitter account the other day, I nearly died and went to quirky-handbag-heaven. Umm, that presentation with the dirt and shovel? Cuteness overload. I appreciate a well thought out and […]

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