I Found Affordable Dupes of the Best “Emily in Paris” Outfits So You Don’t Have To

Whether you hate-watch or fully embrace the kitsch like I do, chances are you’ve taken part in the phenomena that is Emily in Paris on Netflix.

Back when the show premiered, I got multiple text messages saying “Hales, this show is YOU.” Granted, that feels a little backhanded considering how many people make fun of the show, but I personally love it and take any comparison as a compliment.

There’s always a lot of talk about Emily’s outfit choices. For the most part, I’m a huge fan of the wardrobe styling. Yes, Emily pairs things in a way that might be un peu over the top, but life is too short to be boring.

Unfortunately, the Netflix show’s clothing budget is clearly way more than my salary—but don’t fret. I spent way too much time watching the new season and sourcing similar looks at affordable prices for my fellow Emily in Paris fans. You’re welcome!

I’ll work on the second half of Season 3 shortly. Until then, happy watching…and wearing!

Colorfully yours,


Episode 1

Metallic Mania

A metallic mini, metallic knee-high boots, and a multicolored sweater…parfait!

Valentine’s Vibes

Sign me up for anything pink and red. Bonus points if it has a head-turning ruffle.

Episode 2

Poppin’ Plaid

The check print of this blazer combined with highlighter-hue colors? Yes please. Paired with wide-leg blue trousers, it’s even better.

Fierce in Feathers

Feathers are having a ~moment~ right now, and that’s not lost on Emily. She topped off the look with a purple houndstooth coat that perfectly complements her yellow ‘fit.

Episode 3

Orange You Obsessed?

A cropped jacket should only come in the brightest orange, IMO. Paired with yet another pair of trousers and we have a winner.

Episode 4

Big, Bold Blazers

This episode was dominated by Camille’s outfits—sorry, Em. Oh, and they both happened to be oversized blazers in rich colors. Chef’s kiss. (Yes, that is a thinly-veiled reference to Cami’s hunky chef boyfriend.)

Episode 5

Glimpse of Gingham

Wondering how to make a bra-as-a-top tasteful? The answer is gingham. And a sequined blazer on top, obv.

Poolside Perfection

Not to brag or anything, but gingham bikinis have been my jam for a long time now. Unfortunately for me, I’ve never gotten free champagne and a VIP lounger while wearing them.

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