I’m in the Middle Class of Dating

I feel like I’m in the weird, middle-of-the-road section of the dating pool. I’m not some stunning woman with an enviable body. I don’t have a million Instagram followers or strangers sliding into my DMs. I don’t go to bars and have men clamoring to buy me drinks.  But, I also feel like I’m pretty […]

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How to Avoid Texting Him

We’ve all been there. You desperately want to text your ex or your crush or whoever it is that you really shouldn’t be texting. It may sound petty, but you want to stand your ground for whatever reason. Maybe you’re the one that always initiates things and you want him or her to step it up. Maybe […]

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Are Therapy & Dating the Same Thing?

Therapy is like dating. To be more specific, finding a suitable therapist is like finding a suitable significant other. In both cases, you do lots of research. Insurance websites and doctor rating sites aren’t so different from dating apps and social media stalking. Do they look normal? Are they accomplished? Where are they from? Where’d […]

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Are Labels Keeping Us Apart?

I have more questions than answers when it comes to the male brain. But let’s start small today, class… What’s the deal with “labels”? How does one little word cause so much tension and strife? And, my most important question—is that all that’s keeping us apart? As you’ve gathered by now, I don’t have the […]

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Kissing Frogs

Yesterday, I treated myself to a massage. Well, that’s a stretch…it was free at my gym because I referred a new client. But, let’s pretend that’s something I could afford to do on a whim. Anyway, it was amazing. I have decided that insurance companies should cover massages like they do a psychiatrist visit. Not […]

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Taking Advice…From Ourselves

We’ve all had that talk with a friend. That “you’re so much better than him” talk. That friend usually looks us as with sad, ashamed eyes. “I know,” she’ll say, as she looks down. But things don’t change. We tell her over and over that she deserves so much more. We list her best qualities […]

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?


“Maybe you’re coming on too strong.” “You should play harder to get.” “You’re giving them your phone number too soon.” These are a few of the pieces of dating advice that my friends have tried to give me over the past few months. You see, I keep getting “ghosted.” My parents and older friends have […]

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True Love: Timing is Everything

true love story

While my most recent post may have led you to believe that I’m a cynic when it comes to love, that’s not the case. I appreciate a good love story just as much as, if not more than, the next girl. Just ask my brother, Matt – he’d be happy to crucify my rom-com favorites for […]

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Dating Duds: Five Guys I’ve Met Online

online dating

Much to our elders’ confusion and dismay, online dating has become the go-to way for our generation to connect with potential partners. The way I see it, our peers are divided into two groups: those that use apps or websites to date, and those that pretend not to use apps or websites to date. From […]

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