How to Avoid Texting Him

We’ve all been there. You desperately want to text your ex or your crush or whoever it is that you really shouldn’t be texting. It may sound petty, but you want to stand your ground for whatever reason. Maybe you’re the one that always initiates things and you want him or her to step it up. Maybe that person is just bad news and you’re trying to detox. 

My friend, who probably wouldn’t mind being mentioned but I’m going to protect anyway, reached out to me the other day asking if I knew of any apps to prevent yourself from texting someone you shouldn’t. I had, embarrassingly enough, paid $1.99 to try one back in college…but it doesn’t exactly work when you’ve memorized that person’s number.

I’ve been in the same predicament as she was in way too many times. So, I thought of some of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to avoid texting someone. These definitely aren’t foolproof, but combined with a little pettiness and a lot of willpower, they might just do the trick.

Happy Avoiding!

  • Text your best friend
    • Make a pact in advance like I did with yet another friend who I will not name for security reasons. Say you’ll text each other instead of the person you’re trying to avoid. Depending on the circumstance, she’ll either throw a pity party with you or tell you to toughen the eff up. 
  • Finally return your grandmother’s call
    • You love her to death, but you get really busy sometimes! Call her back and focus on her senior neighbor drama instead. She’ll be so happy.
  • Listen to a boss female playlist
    • Whether you want to embrace hating him or want to pretend you don’t care because you’re too freaking fabulous, there’s an anthem for you out there. Trust me, I’ve found ‘em all.
  • Drink some wine
    • In the long term, this will probably make the desire to text him worse. In some cases, much worse. But in the short term, you’ll feel much better! We’ll cross that other bridge when we get to it.
  • Scroll through emotional quotes on Pinterest
    • One of my favorite guilty pleasures. I could spend hours looking through these…and I do. There are a lot of “Instagram poets” on Pinterest that let you get all in your feelings when you think you’re the only person that’s ever gone through a breakup in the universe. You can follow my quote board as a start here.
  • Watch something murder-y
    • Nothing distracts the mind more than a good old-fashioned murder, am I right? A nice SVU marathon or cold-case documentary should do the trick. Or at least put your problems in perspective.
  • Bake something healthy
    • Baking requires you to pay attention, and it yields a yummy treat at the end. A win, win! I say healthy, though, because you know you want to look super hot the next time he sees you so he’ll get all jealous and regretful. (I’m totally kidding—you’re beautiful no matter what!)

Colorfully Yours,


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