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Hey, friends! Long time no see. Or, in your case, read

I reached out to my Instagram followers on my personal account the other day to find out what you all would like to see more of. Some of you were super helpful, some of you trolled me, and most of you just watched my story without responding. Thanks for that.

That being said, the common denominator was more shopping and fashion content! While outfit posts are hard because I don’t have roommates or an Instagram boyfriend to take photos of me all the time, I do want to make more of an effort to share my style with you. After all, it’s my favorite art form!

This post is dedicated to my friend Sydney who requested a post about my favorite places to shop. Lucky for her (and all of you) I refuse to pay full price for anything. 

Here goes:


I’ve been shopping on Asos since high school. There are very few, if any, brands that I can say still suit my style nine years later. And after all this time, they still offer free shipping and free returns! You can find just about anything, no matter your style or the occasion. In fact, I just placed an order today. (Sorry, Mom…I slipped!)


I listed these two together because they are very similar. They’re really affordable (they frequently offer 50% off!) but they’re also a bit on the cheaper side in terms of quality, so they serve a certain purpose. For me, that purpose is “going out” clothes—things like bachelorette parties where you want a trendy outfit but know you’ll probably never wear it again because you’ll be photographed in it on Instagram. 😉 


I’m such a Maxxinista and have been since I was a little girl when my Nana would take me shopping. Nothing has changed! I prefer shopping these two brick-and-mortar when possible, but TJMaxx does have quite a bit online. I just bought a bunch of new workout outfits from the site. Word on the street is that Marshalls will be online soon, too!


I owe this one to my friend Annie! I didn’t have a Lord & Taylor all that close to me growing up, so I didn’t really experience it until I moved to Stamford and she took me. It’s similar to other department stores except for the fact that their sales are amazing (they let you layer offers on top of each other!) and you can get brand names like Free People for great prices.


Another one that’s even better in person but the website will suffice in a pinch! It can be hit or miss, but when it’s a “hit” you can seriously find some absolute gems. In particular, their shoe selection is on point. I get a lot of my statement shoes there—like my espadrilles that spell out “bombshell” in emojis.


My one and only complaint with Nordstrom Rack is that their shipping is around $10…and I’m stingy. But I let it slide because their selection both online and in stores is unreal. You could honestly scroll (or stroll) through for houuurs. Pro tip: they have great giftables in their accessories section!


Shoes, shoes, shoes. I love them, as evidenced by the wall dedicated to them in my teeny-tiny apartment. I remember my first experience with 6PM: it was freshman year of college and I just NEEDED this pair of patent leather Steve Madden stilettos, but I had no money. 6PM had them at a discount when no other retailer did! (I finally just threw them out within the last year or so when I realized their stripper-like qualities trumped their sentimental value.)

Happy shopping!

Colorfully Yours,


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