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kate spade flower pot bag

Obviously you know by now that I appreciate fashion that’s a little quirky… just like me! So when I saw the above image on Kate Spade’s Twitter account the other day, I nearly died and went to quirky-handbag-heaven.

Umm, that presentation with the dirt and shovel? Cuteness overload. I appreciate a well thought out and equally well executed product photograph – especially since I know firsthand how difficult it can be to get it just right! No, I’m serious. It’s an art. Just ask my coworkers who do things like stand in odd spots on the ground to block weird light from affecting my photos.

Because of the presentation, though, I wasn’t totally sure if the flower portion was a part of the bag, or simply for decoration. So of course I had to do my due diligence and head to the Kate Spade website… where I found that the top of the ‘pot’ fully unzips around the circumference! I mean, does it get any more adorable? I think not.

Oh, and the name of the style? The “Down the Rabbit Hole Daisy Flowerpot.” Insert a thousand hearts-in-eyes emojis here.

The only thing not-so-adorable about this bag is the price: $328.00. Now insert tearful emoji. Ugh.

So, as your resident bargain hunter slash enthusiast of all things bold, bright, and a little weird, I searched high and low for some affordable bags that are just as (ok, let’s go with almost as) fabulous as the above Kate Spade.

I did throw in a similar flowerpot bag by Betsey Johnson that retails for a significantly lower $108, but I’m still too cheap (cough broke cough) for that, so the rest are UNDER $50! Ok… technically they’re under $52, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I couldn’t leave that adorable flamingo out, though!

Click on the images below to shop the items directly! Yup, I’ve really done all the work. Your only job is to incorporate these cuties into your summer wardrobe.

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