Faux Leather Pants to Bring the Heat This Winter

Unless you happen to live on Mars, you know how much of a wardrobe staple leather pants have become over the past few winters. They’re sexy and sleek, they go with everything, and they keep the warmth in. What’s not to love?

I took to Instagram stories earlier today to crowdsource where everyone has been finding their (faux) leather faves at a reasonable price point. The pair I’ve worn the last two seasons has started to come apart—think pieces of black material left on my chair when I get up. Not cute.

The only problem is that every pair I’ve tried has just been missing *something.* Either the fit has been just slightly off, they’ve been too sweaty, or they’ve been too long on my short frame.

The brands you guys recommended most were Abercrombie and Aritzia. So I did some digging and rounded up the styles that appeal to me from those spots…many of which come in “Short” or “Petite” sizes! I also did a little searching of my own and added a few more options.

Now’s the ideal time to shop since the sales are poppin’ off—I’ll add sale details beneath each brand name.

Happy shopping!

Colorfully yours,



25% off everything, plus an extra 15% off with code CYBERAF through November 27


Up to 50% off through November 27


Gap: 40% off everything

Old Navy: 50% off all pants

Belk: Up to 75% off

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