UNcolored Review: Fabletics

I decided to change the title of my Reviews section to “UNcolored Reviews.” Since I am still just another Joe Schmo in the blogging world, I obviously don’t get paid to give positive reviews about brands or products. A girl can dream though. Anyway, you can count on the fact that my opinions will be totally unbiased! I promise my reviews will be the only thing uncolored on this site, though! 🙂

Awkward yet happy en route to yoga in my Fabletics outfit!
Awkward yet happy en route to yoga in my Fabletics outfit!

That being said, I’m going to start off the new section with a review of Fabletics!

If you haven’t heard of it by now, Fabletics is an online women’s activewear brand founded by Kate Hudson. I’ve been obsessed with Kate since How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days came out twelve years ago – wait, how am I that old?! The thing is, Kate Hudson still doesn’t look like she’s aged, so she must be doing something right. After months of contemplation (and constant imaginary cart-filling) I decided to finally give Fabletics a not-so-imaginary try.

The reason it took me so long in the first place is because it’s a subscription service. Just like its sister sites JustFab and FabKids, the site works by curating monthly picks based on a quiz you take when you sign up. You don’t have to become a subscription member (they call them VIPS) in order to purchase, but the prices are much steeper if you don’t join.

It works like this: on the first of each month you get an email with the outfits they have picked for you. You can choose to BUY an outfit for $49.95, SKIP THE MONTH at no cost, or inevitably FORGET to do either and get charged $49.95 for a “credit” to the site. Eeek.

The service is awesome if you’re not on an embarrassingly tight budget, but unfortunately I am. Forgetting to skip a month might not be a big deal for some people, but for me an unexpected $49.95 withdrawal from my debit account could be disastrous. I mean, I have trouble committing to my $7.99 monthly Netflix charge.

But back to the goods. I fell in love with several of the outfits. I kept running into an issue, though, because one component of each outfit would be in stock in my size and the rest wouldn’t. It’s probably because I was on the site during a sale, so I’m sure stock was lower than usual. I ended up settling for slightly bigger sizes than I would normally, but I was willing to take risk in exchange for an amazing price! Normally, your first outfit is $25, but I think I somehow got it even cheaper.

What I love about the site is that the outfits are totally interchangeable between working out and real life. I would be completely comfortable wearing the pieces out and about. Kate Hudson recently wore one of the new Fabletics crop tops on the red carpet! Now that’s versatility.

The outfit I chose had three pieces:

1) The Switch Back Tee

I am so in love with this top. It crosses over on one side and is a normal tee on the other. You can wear it with the open part forwards or backwards! It’s the perfect top to throw over your sports bra on the way to hot yoga or to grab so you can run errands straight from the gym. At the same time, it would be super cute for going out with a bralette underneath! If I ever develop a social life I will be sure to do so and show you the results. This is the top I paired with a bandeau and my new slouchy pants in my Lululemon post!

2) The Moro Short

The material of these shorts is awesome. It’s stretchy, silky, and comfortable. I got a super bright print (duh) and it looks great in person. Gotta jazz up your workouts! I am a little sad, though, because I had settled for a larger size than I needed on these since I was so in love with the print, and they’re a little baggy in the front. But they’re a bit high-waisted, so I can pull them up and all is well. I only like to workout in high-waisted workout shorts because there is nothing worse than constantly adjusting your clothing or worrying about your body when you’re trying to sweat! I would definitely order these again but only in a smaller size!

3) The Sevan Sports Bra

This sports bra is probably the comfiest I’ve ever worn! I would not recommend it for high intensity exercise, because it doesn’t provide that much support. However, it’s perfect for yoga, walking, or running errands. It has a cool extra strap that goes around your neck, which gives both stability and a cool factor.

IMG_9203All in all, I am so happy with my Fabletics loot! Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned budgeting issues, I had to cancel – for now. They require you to cancel over the phone, which is obviously to try to deter people from doing so in the first place. They aren’t stupid! The employee I spoke to was a little rough in trying to get me to stay, but I was curt back. Sometimes you gotta be pushy! I explained that I can’t risk “forgetting” to skip the month but that once I have a more stable income, I’d love to become a VIP member again.

And I would!

Let me know if you’ve tried or plan to try Fabletics! I would love to hear your experiences. Hope this helps all of you fit, trendy gals!

Exercise colorfully! 😉

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