It’s the Climb

By | February 11th, 2016|wise words|

My mother is one of the most selfless, caring people I know. But there’s no argument – she’s not a sentimental lady. Our family nickname for her is “The Little General” because she runs a tight ship, even at five feet tall. That’s why when she sent us all an email with a very sentimental [...]

Wise Words (…and cute pictures)

By | July 21st, 2014|wise words|

Rough Monday? I can't necessarily relate at the present moment since I'm still funemployed, but we've all had those days. I figured some of you could use a few words of wisdom (and some adorable little creatures who can empathize). So grab a cocktail, kick up your feet, and relax. Monday is over. Here's to a fabulous week!