From Crayons to Crewcuts


In February 2014, I took to my Facebook page to share a Huffington Post article that had caught my eye – and the eyes of many others, apparently.

The article was all about a budding Instagram sensation who was becoming increasingly famous for her intricate replicas of iconic red-carpet dresses. I know what you’re thinking: yawn.

Well, here’s the kicker.

The “designer” behind the replicas is four years old. And she makes her creations entirely out of paper.

I’m 23, and the coolest thing I can make out of paper is a to-do list.


Mayhem, the pseudonym for the pint-sized fashionista behind the masterpieces, even has an assistant. Also known as… Mom. Mayhem’s mom helps with the adult tasks like cutting and running their crazy-popular Instagram page  (@2sisters_angie).


Remember when I said Mayhem’s work had caught the eyes of many?

I wasn’t kidding. The most notable of those eyes (covered in signature oversized frames, I might add) belong to Jenna Lyons. Yup, the cult-followed President and Executive Creative Director of J.Crew.

Lyons contacted the crafty pair herself, invited them to New York to meet with her, and fast forward…

Mayhem has designed a collection for Crewcuts, the children’s branch of J.Crew.


I didn’t think it was possible to be so jealous of a four year old.

The collection is set to debut this summer. In the meantime, catch up on Mayhem’s past designs on her Instagram page and stay up to date with the current ones by checking out her blog,

I can’t wait to see what Mayhem and Lyons have come up with. I’m expecting a lot of color, a lot of beading, and a lot of envy for the kids who get to wear it all.

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