Head of the Class: Ame & Lulu Day Tote


You know how they say “the eyes are the window to the soul?” Well, I think the bag on a woman’s arm tells more about her than her pupils.

Is she quirky? Serious? Practical? Impulsive?

Sure, roll your eyes. Tell me a bag is just a bag.

But now you’re thinking about all the ladies in your life and their respective purses. And you’re realizing I’m right. I have a PhD in purse psychology, after all.

So when accessory company Ame & Lulu reached out to me about testing their newest tote bag, I didn’t have to think twice. Their fun, preppy prints and bold colors caught my eye immediately. The items are so me. I chose the Day Tote in Piper, an adorable navy and white striped print with eye-catching green accents.

The Day Tote is structured enough to hold tons of stuff without falling over, but it’s also collapsable enough to make it ideal for travel. The interior and exterior each have a roomy zipper pocket, so my contact solution and lip gloss will no longer contaminate everything in their paths. I was able to fit a pair of frighteningly tall wedges, my planner, a big hardcover book, a cosmetic bag, my wallet, keys, phone, and a camera into the tote. Now that’s a bag I can stand behind – or throw over my shoulder.

I also received the Ame & Lulu Mini Mesh Cosmetic Bag. You don’t understand my level of appreciation for this ‘lil guy. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I have six million oddly shaped items to carry with me at all times. It’s unbelievably hard to find a bag that is the right size and is equipped with pockets that fit my supplies. The Mini Mesh bag has one big “regular” pocket that fits my blood testing meter and a juicebox – for low blood sugar, not because I’m stuck in my childhood. The lining is convenient for inevitable juice drippage. There is a separate zipper opening that leads to two mesh pockets. They are exactly the correct size to hold my insulin pens, needles, and some emergency candy!

My friend Melissa volunteered as tribute – I mean, photographer – for the shoot. And by photographer, I obviously mean iPhone photographer, because I don’t even own a camera. Technology is a beautiful thing! We chose to take the photos at Phillips Academy, one of the country’s most prestigious private high schools, that happens to be located in the town we grew up in. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. Walking through the palatial columns triggered my inner Blair Waldorf. All I needed was a yogurt and I could’ve taken over those steps like a true prep-school socialite. (If you don’t understand my reference, catch up on your Gossip Girl!)

It was so much fun feeling like a student again. But being graduates doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about “back to school” time! Sure, we’ll miss the butterflies that a new school year brings, but we can still refresh our wardrobes, stock up on some new reading material, and discuss our crush’s new haircut with our besties. I even chose a transitional summer-to-fall outfit in the spirit of back to school.

But enough nostalgia (for now). The Ame & Lulu Day Tote photographed beautifully. It provides the perfect pop of color against any outfit. Whether you’re headed to the pool, the gym, or out shopping for that fall wardrobe I mentioned, the tote gets straight A’s for style and function. It comes in several different prints, so there’s something for everyone. The brand makes everything from duffel bags to wine caddies, tennis racquet covers to luggage tags. Ame & Lulu is geared towards any girl – or guy – on the go! That’s right, they even have a men’s line. Start making a mental Christmas list now!

Am I head over wedges for my new bag?


IMG_1001 (1)

IMG_1019 (4)


IMG_1017 (1)













Be sure to check out Ame & Lulu:
Website: www.ameandlulu.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ameandlulu

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