Welcome to My Crib: Studio Apartment Tour

Those of you close to me will know I hated my former apartment. The unit itself was actually very cute, but the complex was exactly the kind of place you have nightmares about when moving into your first “real” apartment by yourself. Rather than focus on the details of that, let’s just chalk it up to a learning experience and focus on…


I moved in on June 1st, the same day I had to be out of the old one, with the help of my amazing mother. Ok…let’s face it, she did most of the moving while I was at work. So what did I focus on, you ask?


Shopping for things that aren’t essential to daily life? Shocking, I know! A little over two months and lots and lots of hard-earned dollars later, my place has finally come together so perfectly…if I do say so myself. I truly did decorate on a budget, though—a little bit of money here and there!

I had a few girlfriends over to christen it with wine and cheese the other night, and they all said, “Haley. It’s so you!” That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m quite a homebody, so having a space I feel comfortable and happy in is crucial.

My apartment is bright, colorful, sparkly, and quirky…sound like someone you know? 😉

Click the photos below to take a little tour and tell me what you think!


Colorfully Yours,



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