10 Things To Do on A Rainy July Fourth

I had hoped to spend today poolside in my patriotic bathing suit or cooking out in one of my many summery, red-white-and-blue outfits. But this rain isn’t in the mood to be stylish or playful.

It’s hard enough to figure out what to do when it rains on the Fourth of July. It’s another task entirely to figure out what to do on a rainy Fourth for free. With my bank account getting dangerously close to the single digits, I figured I should pay it forward and share some ways to celebrate America when Mother Nature isn’t feeling so celebratory.


1) Sing along to some country tunes. The “country” + “summer” tags on 8tracks never fail.

2) Have a Band of Brothers marathon. Or Friday Night Lights. Or even Sex and the City. Hey, America is a melting pot, after all.

3) Binge watch Law and Order: SVU. Come on, what’s more American than watching Stabler lock up creepy criminals?

4) Snuggle in bed with something by Fitzgerald, Hemingway, or a classic from this list of Great American Novels.

5) Drink some beer (American beer, that is). Or, if you share my addiction, just lots and lots of Diet Coke.

6) Get an iced coffee. Nothing more patriotic than a trip to Dunkin Donuts.

7) Throw on some red, white, and blue pajamas and save your cute July 4th outfit for tomorrow’s cookout.

8) Chow down on a burger or hot dog. It may not be grilling weather, but it wouldn’t be the first time I drove 45 minutes for a cheeseburger from Shake Shack. As American as it gets.

9) Give yourself a star-spangled mani/pedi. Check Pinterest or your Instagram feed for limitless options.

10) Make some Funfetti cupcakes and toss some red, white and blue sprinkles on top. Or, if you’re one of those people, make one of those typical blueberry-strawberry-watermelon-cool whip fruit salads. Whatever floats your boat.

Happy Fourth, everyone!


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