A Purrfect Find


If you haven’t gathered from my blog title by now, I don’t shy away from color. Put me in a store and I flock to the brightest hues like a moth to a lamp. The more obnoxious, the better.

That’s how I found this bold orange button-down on Wednesday. I was scouring the racks at Gentry’s in Newburyport, an upscale consignment boutique owned by my neighbors, Pat and Nick. I was first drawn to the Lilly Pulitzer section, of course, but then I started scouring the racks from front to back. I spotted the clementine shade outside of my size section. I first suggested the blouse for my mom, who is always insisting she needs a wardrobe makeover, but she thought the color was too “loud” for her. So, in my pile it went!

I wasn’t even sure that it would fit, but as soon as I tried it on I knew it was a yes. It’s a cool, relaxed fit on me. I knew the print was a little different, but I couldn’t place it – it wasn’t quite houndstooth. Then I saw it. There are CATS in the print. Ok: look at the white part. See a large cat sitting with its tail out? Then within that, look at the small orange kitten! Mind blown. Honestly, I’m not a fan of cats in real life – maybe it’s the fact that I’m deathly allergic. However, I love a quirky print. Bold colors, odd prints… I guess I enjoy stopping traffic.

The Coldwater Creek top, tags still on, ended up being marked down to just over ten bucks! I felt like it was one of those finds that was just PicMonkey Collagemeant to be. It wasn’t even supposed to be my size! That’s what I love about consignment shops – every item is meant for a specific person. Obviously this top hadn’t thrilled anyone before me (they were probably frightened by it, let’s be honest) but it found its way to me, the rightful owner – ahem, adoptive owner. I also left with an adorable Lilly skirt because, well, I had no choice in the matter.IMG_9246

I paired the blouse with some dark skinny jeans and a pair of old tortoise Steve Madden flats. I wore a gold necklace under my collar, which my coworker Renee calls my signature look. She actually gave me this necklace for Christmas, because she credits me as her statement necklace inspiration. That’s a much bigger compliment than you probably think. Anyway, I live for a big necklace, especially peeking out beneath a collared shirt. 

Overall, I think it was an eye-catching look. I hope the purrfect item finds its way to your closet as well!

Happy Hunting!

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