All Hail the Queen

Beyonce, Jay-Z

I’m just gonna say it: I never totally understood the Beyonce hype.

You’re probably thinking I must be blind and/or deaf. But here’s the thing. I like her music. I think she’s beautiful. I think her family is precious. I just didn’t fully grasp the cult-like phenomenon that surrounded her. I thought it was a little silly to refer to her as “the Queen,” as if she saved a nation or created world peace.

But then I went to her concert.

The On the Run tour at Gillette Stadium, to be precise.

Right away I was in awe. The stage had a plain black screen with simple white letters that read: “This is not real life.” I think everyone in the crowd could agree on that. The second the lights went out the entire audience went insane and everyone’s mouths dropped open when she and Jay-Z appeared on stage.

I spent the entire concert asking myself how Beyonce possibly does it. Her dance moves are on point, her voice is unbelievable, her body is insane, her makeup is flawless. I know those are all such nondescript adjectives, but there are really no better words to describe her. Her presence on stage was so powerful, by the second song I was hailing the Queen myself.

Bey and Jay mixed each other’s songs, old and new, so there couldn’t have been a soul in the audience who couldn’t jam along. Each song led into the next, leaving me wondering how the pair looked so relaxed and composed the entire time.

Beyonce’s outfits all made a statement, from an ornate and colorful bodysuit to a black and white stars and stripes dress with a train so long she needed backup to hold it. Everything fit her like a glove. As creepy as it sounds, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her thighs. She is in ridiculous shape, but her curves make you believe every lyric about owning your womanhood.

The concert had me on a roller coaster of emotions – I felt empowered when B laid down the law, scorned right alongside her when she sang about being lied to, and even tearful when the couple sang about their baby girl. The final montage – a complete 180 from the Bonnie and Clyde themed, action packed shots – showed candid moments of the proud parents with their precious Blue Ivy. The video was accompanied by the couple singing a rendition of “Forever Young” in the background. I swear if it had gone on any longer I would’ve needed some tissues. The best part? The montage ended with the words “This is real life,” a nod to the opening. It’s clear that Beyonce and Jay Z realize that their performances are fun, but that’s not who they are – family before fame.

Queen B and her man convinced me.

I’m bowing down, bitches.

Queen Beyonce

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