Book Review: All the Missing Girls

all the missing girls

Ever since Gone Girl hit shelves years ago, it seems like every novel with a dark topic and a crazy plot twist has been likened to it. This bothered me so much. The books I did read that were compared to Gone Girl were, in fact, nothing like it at all. I felt like reviewers were just blanketing a genre that they weren’t quite sure how to describe.

Fast forward more than three years after I read Gillian Flynn’s bestseller…and now I actually have a book that feels similar:

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda.

Don’t get me wrong – the two are completely different in plot. But they are alike in their uniqueness. Neither novel tells the story in straightforward, chronological order. And, boy, does that keep you guessing.

All the Missing Girls is told backwards. It centers around multiple investigations of–you guessed it–missing girls in a small, rural town. The narrator begins the story on the final day of the investigation and works her way backwards. I’ll admit that this made it slightly confusing at times, but not enough that it distracted from the suspense and rare storytelling.

This isn’t one of those mysteries that you keep thinking you’ve solved and then realize you were totally off. You just don’t have a clue the entire time.

If you’re looking for a book that’s a little creepy, a little shocking, and a lot attention-grabbing, this one is for you!

Happy reading.

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