Book Review: Small Admissions

I read Amy Poeppel’s novel Small Admissions in less than two days. It felt like I was reading about my friend group. Well, more like I was hearing about the drama surrounding a friend of a friend over cocktails, in the sense that you can’t help but be interested because it’s juicy but doesn’t affect your own life. Is that mean?

Basically, it’s super relatable, funny, quirky and easy to read.

The story follows Kate, a recent college grad with a broken heart. A devastating break-up with her fancy French boyfriend has left her completely floundering. Like, pint of Ben & Jerry’s and sweatpants on the couch for months sad. Meanwhile, her friends all seem to be killing it in the city.

Her family and friends finally force her to get off of her couch and get a seemingly random job at an admissions office for an elite private school in Manhattan. It can’t be too hard rifling through the education records of little kids, right?

Well, if Nanny Diaries taught us anything, it’s that the uber-wealthy parents of privileged NYC kiddos are ruthless.

This is an ideal beach or bathtub read—you won’t be disappointed. At the very least, it’ll make you feel realllly down to earth. And that’s always a plus.


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