Book Review: Young Money

I am SO behind on my book reviews. I’m sure you’ve all been living blissfully without them, but as a serious bookworm, I’m feeling pretty uneasy about it. I hate to write a review so long after I read a book because the details aren’t as fresh in my mind, but sometimes life gets in the way. And the benefit for you guys is that if my memory is a bit hazy, I’m much less likely to reveal any spoilers! 😉

ym_rgSo without further ado, I’m here to review Kevin Roose’s Young Money. For some reason or other, I find the world of Wall Street extremely interesting. As an English major with a deep hatred for the finance classes I took in college, this may seem a little odd. But I think it’s precisely that other worldly quality that intrigues me about the financial industry. You could say that the fashion and editorial industries are both extremely cutthroat. At the end of the day, though, you don’t often hear about interns dying on the job.

Yeah. Two Wall Street interns in the last few years died from being stressed, overworked and sleep deprived. A few months back, I found myself researching the story of one of these young men, which led me to Young Money. Roose follows eight recent college graduates as they enter the world of Wall Street. He has to use made up names to protect their identities. That’s usually a scary sign, in my book.

You won’t find the cocaine-snorting, stripper-hiring debauchery of The Wolf of Wall Street. What you will hear about is the insane amounts of money these young professionals are making so soon out of college – and at what cost. These young men and women lose more than just sleep. You’ll hear about their crumbling relationships with their friends and loved ones… but also with themselves.

If you’re looking for a raunchy, wild read, this isn’t it. But if you’re interested in a real-life glimpse of the intensity of investment banking in New York City, give it a read. And if you’re questioning your own career path, this should make you feel a bit better.

Wishing you happy (and eye-opening) reading, peeps.

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