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I’m ashamed at how much I’ve been slacking with my blog lately, but I haven’t been slacking with my reading. That being said, I’ve combined some of the books I’ve enjoyed over the last couple of weeks into one review. Gotta make up for lost time! Happy reading, bookworms!


If you’re in the mood for something DARK, read DANGEROUS GIRLS

A friend recommended this one to me since we both loved Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Although it probably won’t be winning any awards for its literary value, Dangerous Girls is as gripping as they come. It’s a modern-girl’s murder mystery, centering on a high-school spring break gone wrong. One of the friends in the group winds up dead, and the protagonist tries to find out who did it. Author Abigail Haas has a way of tricking the reader into thinking they’ve cleverly figured out the outcome, only to throw another curveball. I finished this one in one day and was late to meet my friends because of it. That’s when you know it’s good.


If you’re in the mood for something SEXY, read UNCOVERED

As an English major, I should be ashamed to admit that I purchased a 99-cent Kindle pick because I didn’t feel like paying for a ‘real’ book. But I’m not. Emily Snow’s bargain read was surprisingly gripping. This one is part mystery, part romance. It has some Fifty Shades of Grey influences, but the plot is fifty shades more interesting. The protagonist receives an anonymous call informing her that her father’s death may not have been what it seems. She decides to take on a fake identity to find out the truth, but things get even more complicated when she meets a man. Isn’t that always the way?


If you’re in the mood for something MINDBOGGLING, read THE GOLDFINCH

Donna Tartt’s novel kept popping up as I searched for my next read. The Goldfinch was all over the bestsellers’ list, but I couldn’t figure out what it was really about. To tell you the truth, I’m still not quite sure – and I finished the book a couple of weeks ago. Although the novel could’ve done the same job in half the length, in my opinion, it was a refreshingly different novel. As annoying as this sounds, there really isn’t a way for me to describe the book without giving anything away. But I’ll just say that it follows a young boy whose life is complicated by a piece of art. Vague, much? I’m not sure that I loved this book, but I will say that Tartt is a talented writer. Not like the guilty-pleasure quality writing I reviewed above.


If you’re in the mood for something RELATABLE, read THE VACATIONERS

This summery novel by Emma Straub was a quick and easy read, in a good way. Although it doesn’t follow the typical build-up–climax–resolution format, it reads sort of like a group diary. My favorite aspect of the book is that we are given the perspectives of all of the different characters. When you think you agree with one character’s point of view, the perspective changes and you realize things aren’t always so cut and dry. Everyone has a story. The Vacationers will make you realize that the only way a family can be considered ‘normal’ is if it is flawed. The novel is a relief, in a way. We’re all screwed up, and that’s ok!


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