Get It Together: Bathroom Organization

It’s that time of year again. As we swap our wardrobes over from sundresses and flip flops to sweaters and boots, it’s the perfect opportunity for an organizational overhaul.

This weekend, I finally tackled the seasonal closet switch that I’d been putting off for weeks. It’s honestly one of my least favorite tasks ever. I texted my mom telling her that I can’t wait for the day that I have a closet big enough that I can keep everything in there year round. She quickly reminded me that I did have that at home in Massachusetts. Why did I ever leave my parents’ house?!

Anyway, as I got into organizing mode, it seemed like a good time to tackle my bathroom storage as well. My once-orderly baskets of medicine and makeup had turned into a hodge podge of epic proportions.

Being the Amazon addict that I am (note: I do harbor some guilt over this because I know they’re sort of ruining the world, but those prices and shipping times!!!) I ordered some things to help. I figured I’d share them here in case you, too, need to get your proverbial shit together.

I bought this over-the-door organizer to keep my hot tools from getting tangled. At first, I built it, revamped the entire cabinet under the sink, and hung it…only to realize that the door wouldn’t close. After a few attempts, I finally found the right fit. Please don’t mind the errant blow driers…I have a lot of hair tools, ok?

In the same cabinet, I added this plastic Lazy Susan for the millions of hair products I own and barely use. But, you know, someday I might! Unfortunately, I left zero space for this to actually spin, but it still works nicely as a holder for sprays, creams, and more.

Now let’s head to the other side. I bought this shelving unit when I moved in. I put it together only to discover that the built-in toilet paper holder was in the way…so I had to take it apart and then rebuild it behind said holder. But now it’s a perfect fit! I’ve had the acrylic containers on the top for years—since my first apartment—and I’ve never turned back. Pretty sure they’re from Homegoods. I store my jewelry and the makeup I use most in those.

But, of course I have tons more makeup that I don’t use very often. So I ordered these clear bags to store it in. Clear is key—here’s hoping it means I won’t buy a replacement of my foundation without noticing I already have four bottles. I also used the bags to organize medicine, which I have a LOT of. I stored hair ties and cotton pads in these cute apothecary jars.

Speaking of hair, I have a lot of headbands and clips that I always forget exist because they’re hidden in those big baskets. I found this fun headband holder and I’m obsessed. The center opens up so you can store clips, brushes, or whatever else you need easy access to.

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear any tips and tricks you guys have for small space organization, too!

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