Hamburgers and Heels

IMG_7339Back in September, I bought two faux-leather jackets in the span of two days. While this sounds a little excessive, the two were vastly different. One was a black jacket with silver hardware and a detachable faux fur hood by Steve Madden. Although it was at Marshall’s and therefore very reasonably priced for the item, I spent a good two hours poring over the decision. As usual, I was running low on funds. I ultimately decided that I couldn’t live without it, and that I would just curb my spending for a while.

Then my coworker alerted me to a pale pink leather jacket in the window of our local consignment shop, Chic Consignment. I figured it couldn’t hurt to just take a peek. Well, it did hurt – my wallet, that is. In less than twenty-four hours I had not only broken my spending promise to myself, but I’d broken it on another leather jacket. But it was pink! I couldn’t pass it up.

Fast forward and I finally posed for some photos in the infamous pink jacket over Thanksgiving break… and I’m finally posting them now. Good thing pink is always in season! I decided to go for a ‘girly glam with edge’ look. I wore a black tulle dress that’s been in my closet for years and strapped on my favorite studded heels.

As I was brainstorming locations for the photos, I realized I wanted to show the same contrast in the venue as I did in my outfit. I guess it was my obsession with food that led me to this, but I thought it would be fun to be eating some greasy fast food while I posed in this glam outfit. McDonald’s to the rescue! Am I artsy or what?

Colorfully Yours,



The Colorful Details:

Jacket Chic Consignment // Dress H&M (old) // Heels Bobbles and Lace // Photography by Katie McLean

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