It’s All Greek to Me: Greek Chicken Burgers

I loooove Mediterranean food.

I know that hummus is the most #basic item in the genre, but I would just like to say that I have been obsessed with it for as long as I can remember. My mom used to send me to school with hummus in little Tupperware containers, and kids would make gross faces at it. But I didn’t care, because I knew what they would eventually discover: it was damn delicious. Other than that, though, I will admit that my first true foray into actual Mediterranean food didn’t start until much later.

Fast-forward all the way to my semester abroad, when I went to Greece for spring break. Casual, I know. I had the best food of my life. Not kidding—I would do illegal things to have another gyro from a street vendor in Santorini, or the never-ending (in a good way) meal I ate at “Mama’s House” in Fira. The restaurant was run by, you guessed it, a Greek momma-bear type.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed. My favorite food truck of all time, Moty’s Grill, served Mediterranean food on the campus of the University of Miami, where I went to school. I would go at least once a week. Today, I’m lucky to live not-too-far from a delicious hole-in-the-wall named Tabouli Grille. But given the fact that I’m pretty broke, I don’t get to order it very often.

Enter Pinterest. As you’ve probably noticed, I get pretty much all of my recipes from there. This one’s no exception. I found this recipe for Greek Turkey Burgers, posted by Fit Mom Angela D. Healthy + easy + Greek = a major YES.

One problem: I accidentally bought ground chicken instead of ground turkey, which the recipe called for. I had too many of the aforementioned Pinterest recipes in my head at once, so I got a little mixed up. So I did exactly what any grown 26-year-old would do…I called my Mom. She assured me that I could still make the burgers using the chicken. And since I trust her beyond measure, I did.

THEY WERE SO GOOD. Along with the homemade tzatziki in the recipe, I threw together a cucumber salad with a little bit of lemon juice, feta, and a mix of spices. The meal was refreshing, light-yet-filling, and most importantly…delicious.

Check out the original recipe here—and my version in the photo above! Happy cooking!


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