Let’s Clear it Up: My Clarisonic Review

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A few weeks ago, I opened the mirrored cabinet in my bathroom. I reached for my acne spot-treatment, accidentally knocking over my age-preventing moisturizer.

It felt like some sort of sick joke. Are the faces of women doomed to go from acne-ridden to wrinkle-covered overnight? Do we really have to go from popping pimples to getting Botox without so much as a day off? I wondered if I’d ever reach an age where neither were a problem.

Days later, I was asked to review the Clarisonic Mia 1, a personal-sized sonic cleansing device. Apparently June is acne awareness month…the irony was not lost on me in that moment.

I used the Mia device with the Acne Brush Head and the Pore & Blemish Gel Cleanser. Not going to lie…I was intimidated at first. I had used a Clarisonic a few months before, but the idea of needing to use it to prevent acne stressed me out. It was one thing when my skin was going through an “ok” phase—I wasn’t worried about missing a day of my regimen. But when it came to breakouts, one missed day could make my skin much worse.

I ended up keeping the Clarisonic Mia in my shower, and it made all the difference in sticking with a routine. I didn’t have to stand at the sink at night, splashing soapy water all over my countertop and pajamas. (Don’t act like you don’t have the same problem.) Instead, I got to cleanse while I was already wet, and the shower just washed away the residue. No maintenance at all, really…just the way I like it!

The only part that was annoying is a few times, I’d go to use it and it was dead…definitely harder to remember to charge something when it’s hiding in your shower caddy. But that’s on me and my laziness, not on Clarisonic, so I guess I’ll let it go…

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last Clarisonic review, I freaking LOVE how soft it makes my skin feel. Not days later, either—we’re talking RIGHT AWAY. My friend actually touched my face (cannot remember why that was happening, so don’t ask) and commented on the baby-softness without knowing I’d been using the Mia.

That’s the instant effect, but what about more long term, you ask? Well, the texture of my skin feels smoother overall, and the appearance of blackheads on my nose has definitely diminished.

As far as the acne goes, it was status quo at first—a rare zit here and there, but overall clear! Buttttt then I traveled across the country last week and my skin totally broke out when I got back. Guess I should’ve brought my Clarisonic with me, huh?

My tip would be to stay consistent with it—or any regimen. Basically, don’t go to a bachelorette party in 113 degree heat with only CVS-brand makeup-wipes to take off all that foundation and bronzer. My bad.

All in all, I’d totally recommend the Clarisonic Mia. And I don’t get any money for saying that, sooo you’re safe to believe it. In fact, I have a code for my readers so you can get one, too! Check it out below.


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