Spilling the Beans

I’ve been slacking so hard on the baking front the past few months.

I think this had to do with three things:

  1. Winter finally ending and no longer being cooped up in the house.
  2. I had been baking constantly for months, so I think I burnt myself out.
  3. My parents came home from Florida… so why work in the kitchen when I don’t have to? 😉

Anyway, the colder weather has already started to set in and and my snowbird parents have already ditched me for their winter home. Which is why the other night I FINALLY got around to baking up some guilt-free goodness again.

black bean avocado browniesOf course, living alone (albeit temporarily) means that the grocery selection in my pantry is not exactly brimming with choices. I didn’t have many fresh ingredients except for a pretty mushy avocado, but I wasn’t about to let that go to waste. I got to Pinteresting and found a recipe for Black Bean and Avocado Brownies. Don’t judge a recipe by its ingredients. Well, do, but be open minded about it.

I had a can of black beans laying around from the last cycle of my healthy baking addiction, so I decided to go for it. The picture on the Ambitious Kitchen blog looked fudgy and sinful. Sold.

The brownies were shockingly simple to make. I’m used to these healthy recipes requiring 43 different steps and a plethora of kitchen tools. This one, though, required a blender and a pan. Count me in.

When the oven timer went off and I stuck a knife in the center, the knife came out relatively clean as the instructions had said. However, as I cut into them, the consistency seemed a little off, reminiscent of the last time I made avocado brownies and failed miserably. A bit dejected, I decided to follow the Ambitious Kitchen’s suggestion of letting the brownies fully cool before enjoying them.

Patience is a virtue, my friends.

Holy addictive goodness. After the brownies had cooled down to room temperature, they were deliciously gooey and rich. I’m normally the type that needs to heat every single dessert until it gets melty, but these were perfect while cool.

I’m actually too ashamed to admit how many of these bad boys I ate in one sitting. I’ll take that to my grave. But at least I can tell myself they’re relatively healthy, right?

Give these a try, but make sure you cut them into squares and hide 75% of them from yourself instead of just digging right in with your butter knife like I did.

Let me know how they turn out! Thank you to Monique from Ambitious Kitchen for the recipe!

Happy baking!

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