Concealer Wars

For years, I used the same concealer by E.L.F. Thick enough to provide full coverage but not cakey, I never strayed from it. I had it in different shades for different seasons of paleness. Then, one day, I went to stock back up…and it was gone! I gave a different concealer of theirs a shot […]

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(Drugstore) Beauty Queen

drugstore makeup

It’s no secret that I spend most of my money on clothing. (I’m working on it, ok?) Which means that there’s not much leftover for makeup and hair products. Then there’s also the fact that I press snooze every few minutes for two hours long. Every. Single. Morning. I barely have time to throw clothes […]

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R+Co Review: Part Two

Remember my review of those R+Co hair products from a while back? Probably not, because it has taken me just under two months to post Part Two of that review. I know, I majorly suck. But even if it takes me a while, I never turn back on a promise. So: Drumroll please… Here is PART TWO of […]

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