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Kiernan Shipka

In the world of Instagram, everyone is obsessed with labeling celebrities as their “goals” – #RelationshipGoals, #HairGoals, #BodyGoals, etc. I follow plenty of jealousy-inducing celebs myself… I just never thought one of them would be a sixteen-year-old. Enter Kiernan Shipka.

The Mad Men star is so freaking perfect that it baffles me. At that age, I was awkward-looking and probably slightly awkward-acting. Heck, I still am. As I gushed to my TV-and-film-critic brother, “I don’t look 1/10th that good now and I’m an actual age!” To which he replied, “she’s a f*cking baller.” Usually, our pop culture tastes could not be more different. In this case, though, there’s no arguing.

Shipka played the adorably strong-willed Sally Draper on the series for eight years – half of her life, for those of you who struggle with math like I do. I’m still in the midst of binge-watching the addictive series on Netflix, and I can promise you that Sally only gets better with age. She’s fierce, funny, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. My kind of girl.

What I didn’t know about Shipka as I watched most of the series, though, is that she is an absolute style star. #StyleGoals, shall I say. A quick glance at her Instagram account (@kiernanshipka) or a search on Google will yield you a never-ending supply of fashion perfection. Shipka’s style is youthful and age appropriate while also being sophisticated beyond her years. She is clearly a fan of bright colors and prints, and we all know how I feel about that. I would wear any and all of her outfits in a heartbeat. Who knew I’d be so jealous of a sixteen-year-old’s closet?!

I’m not totally finished gushing, though. Shipka is so poised and professional and carries herself so well that it’s hard to believe she’s been on this earth for less than two decades. With all of the questionable influences young girls are subjected to these days, Shipka is a breath of fresh, mature air. Speaking of fresh – how about that flawless face and smile? Aren’t people her age supposed to have zits or something?

One final note that I couldn’t possibly leave out: as I was researching the dates of Shipka’s role on Mad Men, I was led to her Wikipedia page. And according to said page, her middle name is BRENNAN. Umm… are we related?! If not, I’ll settle for best friends.

Check out the gallery below of some of my favorite looks sported by Kiernan Shipka! And go binge on Mad Men. It’s a snow day, after all.

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