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I’m always looking for the best binge-worthy shows to add to my list on Netflix. What better way to use my time than by melting my brain with four consecutive hours of screen time? I mean, those late night hours would just be spent sleeping, anyway. Who needs that?

That brings me to a few weeks ago, when I decided that instead of closing my computer at midnight, I should find another series to start. I recited the old “just one episode” mantra, which we all know is not physically possible.


I like to follow up intense shows with mindless, cutesy ones that I can zone out from without getting totally confused. I’d had success with ABC Family’s Baby Daddy, which I describe to people as the “worst show on television” while simultaneously professing my love for it. It’s one of those sitcoms that’s so incredibly cheesy and overacted that you hate yourself for watching it…but then find yourself four seasons deep and and following all the actors on Instagram.

So I was browsing the recommended shows on my Netflix page when I saw another ABC Family series, Chasing Life. I remembered seeing the previews for it back when I was still a Pretty Little Liars fan, but I had never bothered giving it a shot. I figured it would be similar in quality to Baby Daddy.

Next thing I know, I’m sobbing.

Fast forward a week or two and I was done with the entire first season.

The show follows April Carver, a driven and independent twenty-four-year-old living in Boston. Beacon Hill, to be precise. I know how annoying and unrealistic that seems, but give the girl (and the writers) a break – she lives with her mom, grandmother, and sister in their family home. Her father has recently passed away, so she moves back in to be with her eccentric family. Her mom, Sara, is a helicopter parent to say the least – as a psychiatrist, she uses her counseling techniques on April and her younger sister, Brenna. Brenna provides plenty of drama on her own as the angsty, rebellious teen trying to find herself. The grandmother provides comic relief to the family dynamic. There are also a few estranged family member situations, but I’ll let you watch those unfold on your own.

April works for “The Boston Post” (which I assume is a thinly veiled reference to the Globe) as an entry-level journalist. She is incredibly smart and hardworking, but the girl also knows how to dress office-chic. I envy most of her outfits. (Hey, do you want your characters to be poorly dressed?) Her boss is a stickler and creates lots of competition among April and her coworkers. Without giving anything away, I’ll tell you that a little office romance gets thrown in the mix, too.

So, it sounds like there are plenty of story lines to keep you interested, right?

Well, let’s add one more.

In the very first episode, April gets diagnosed with leukemia. No, I’m not giving anything away – the previews themselves tell you that in the first thirty seconds.

As if life in your early twenties isn’t confusing and crazy enough, April must deal with cancer on top of it all. Despite the topic, Chasing Life is surprisingly relatable. You’ll find yourself laughing and crying with April and her family. You’ll want to be invited to brunch with April and her bestie, Beth. You’ll get entrenched into her love triangles, work conflicts, and endless family drama.

Oh, and you’ll wish you lived on Beacon Hill.

RI_EC8NIThe second season of Chasing Life premieres on July 6th, so you have a little less than two weeks to binge watch the first season on Netlix. Trust me, you’ll be done before the deadline.

One more heads up: you’ll soon become obsessed with lead actress, Italia Ricci. I used to irrationally dislike her because she’s engaged to Robbie Amell, the super hot actor from The Duff. But now that I’m a Chasing Life groupie, I’m into the pair. Oh, and Scott Michael Foster is in the show, too. Doesn’t ring a bell? He played Cappie in one of my all-time favorite shows, Greek. I told you you’re gonna like it.

Hope you guys love the show as much as I do!

Binge responsibly! 😉

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