Weekend Recap

Last week, I ran a poll on Instagram Stories to see if you guys would be interested in seeing a “weekend recap” category on the blog. All but one person said yes, so here I am trying it out! If you find it ridiculously boring, please feel free to let me know…preferably in a nice way. 😉


I’m not ashamed to say that I live for solo Friday nights. After a long, busy week, it’s always my favorite ritual to order takeout and watch Netflix on my couch. Alone. It’s seriously such a much-needed mental and physical reset.

I’ve been trying to do less takeout lately, both for financial and health reasons, so I cooked a HelloFresh meal this time around. It was right up my alley: a Hawaiian Chicken Poke Bowl. It was more involved than the other recipes I’ve made—it wasn’t that it was complicated, just that there were a lot of small details, like tons of mincing and chopping, searing pineapples, toasting coconut, etc. If we’re being honest, I will never zest a lime again…the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, as they say. Or, in this case, the random tiny peels of lime skin weren’t worth the grating. Overall, the meal was refreshing, filling and flavorful, and I ate it Saturday night, too!


I skipped my morning HIIT class, which means I now owe Classpass $15. I hate throwing money out the window like that, but I just could not get myself out of bed in time…or visualize myself doing burpees. Leaving my apartment at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning sounded like such a good idea when I booked the workout…

I met my friend Annie for brunch at noon. I had made us reservations a month in advance for Serra at Eataly Flatiron. It’s a rooftop restaurant that changes every season—in decor and menu. This spring, the space is flooded with gorgeous, colorful flowers. The aesthetic was worth every penny of overpriced bread and cheese appetizers. We shared a pitcher of Aperol Spritzes and I proceeded to nap for hours because I am the lamest 27-year-old on the face of the planet.

I wore this fun floral ASOS dress because I’m extra. But seriously, I have so many spring clothes I’ve been wanting to debut, but this cold, rainy weather is not my friend!


I made it to my workout! Turns out the extra half-hour between a 9 AM and a 9:30 AM class is crucial for me. When will I learn? I took a spinning class at CYC. It was Beyonce and Cardi B themed! The problem is, I thought it was just drizzling out…turns out it was pouring. My open-back slip on shoes were quickly soaked and so slippery that they fell off in a crosswalk. My hoodie was drenched, too. Here I thought a 22-minute walk would be the perfect warm up…

I spent the afternoon hibernating because I’d had my fill of rain. I cooked, cleaned and binge-watched Dead to Me, a weird but awesome new Netflix show. The episodes are really short and the cast is awesome.

As far as the cooking, I made another HelloFresh meal—the last of my trial subscription. I’d love to continue because there has not been one meal I haven’t liked, but it’s just a little too pricey for me right now. My final meal consisted of these Sesame Beef Tacos. So easy, so juicy and so delicious. Overall it was a win!

Sorry for rambling. I tend to do that. I’ll work on being more succinct next weekend…

Colorfully Yours,


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