Pajama Party

Wearing bright colors isn’t the only thing I’m known for in the clothing department. In fact, this other “thing” is more of a hot topic.

It’s true: I wear matching pajama sets. Every night.

I’m not sure when it started, but I’ve been obsessed with coordinating PJs for a looong time now. My mom and grandmother started buying them for me for holidays and birthdays, so my collection is quite extensive by now. I have everything from fleece to jersey, nightgowns to button downs, cheetah print to catchphrases.

One of my most recent pajama set purchases. Fleece, covered in pandas, with “I Love Naps” written across the front. The trifecta.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my pajama-set-wearing has been the butt of jokes among my friends and family, but what I can tell you is that there is no shame in my pajama game. The cornier and fuzzier the ensemble, the better.

My brother, Colin, constantly refers to my sleepwear as my “onesies.” None of them are actually one piece, but since they all match, it apparently looks like it. When he’s home, I am greeted every morning by “Nice onesie!” Siblings.

I didn’t know this wardrobe choice of mine was unusual until I got to college. Communal quarters reveal a lot about how the other half lives. I, apparently, am the matching-pajama-wearing minority. But I know that every time someone pokes fun at my grandma sleepwear, they’re secretly jealous…right?

As my annual pajama receiving time of year approaches, I thought I’d round up some of my budget-friendly favorites. Some of these are on sale, so don’t waste time! You don’t want to be stuck wearing a ratty t-shirt and threadbare bottoms to bed, do you?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or others, take my advice – buy some cute, dorky pajamas. Give the gift of a cozy sleep and macaron-filled dreams (you’ll see what I mean). You never know who you’re going to meet in your dreams, after all.

Here’s hoping whoever I meet in mine appreciates my quirky sleepwear. But if they don’t, I probably don’t want to meet them, anyway.

Sweet dreams, readers!


Animal PJs.jpg

Every time I babysit, I find myself getting jealous of the kids’ fluffy bathrobes with animal ears. I’ve always wanted one in adult size. Well, my wish has been granted! Stay cozy with these fuzzy ensembles inspired by the animal kingdom.

Left to Right: Plush Polar Bear Hooded Nightdress, $24.90, Forever 21; Cozy Zoe Animal Ear Hooded Robe, $48.00, Nordstrom; Faux Sherpa Top and Jogger Sleep Set, $24.99, Target; Plush Panda PJ Set, $29.90, Forever 21


Classic PJs.jpg

You cannot go wrong with a classic two-piece flannel number. It’s the quintessential pajama set. If you don’t have at least one set of these in your pajama drawer, you are doing it wrong.

Clockwise from Left: Daizie Polka Dot Flannel PJ Set, $24.99, Target; Flannel Pajama Set, $44.00, J.Crew Factory; Striped PJ Set, $29.94, Old Navy; PJ Couture Velour Pajama Set, $29.99, JCPenney


Cheeky PJs.jpg

I live for a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek saying. Plaster it on a nightgown and it is quite literally a dream come true. Oh, and there are those macarons I mentioned! ‘Sweet dreams’ is right.

Left to Right: Hibernate Graphic Nightdress, $12.90, Forever 21; New Look Hangover Pajama Set, $27.00, ASOS; Topshop Brunch Club Long Tee, $38.00, Nordstrom; BP Undercover Thermal Sleep Set, $14.97, Nordstrom Rack; Adolescent Clothing Designer Bags Nightshirt, $38.00, ASOS

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