Simple Garlic Shrimp

I’ve loved shrimp since I was a little kid. I actually had the most ridiculously expensive taste. My favorite meal? An appetizer of shrimp cocktail and steamed clams followed by an entrée of either lazy man’s lobster or prime rib, medium rare. You would think I had been raised in a palace with a full staff.

As much as I love shrimp, though, I’ve always been kind of afraid to cook it. I just didn’t know how. Or what to do with it. Or if it’d be edible in the end.

I came across this Gimme Some Oven recipe on Pinterest (where else?) and it finally seemed like the straightforward one I’d been looking for.

Guess what?

It was AWESOME. So easy and SO delicious! My only regret was not making more.

I’ve actually always wondered what I would make if I had to cook for guests—I’ve never had a “go-to” dish, and for some reason this is a scenario that stresses me out. Well, I think I found the one!

What’s your go-to dish when having company? Or just for yourself? Let me know in the comments!


Colorfully Yours,


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  1. Fabulous recipe. I did add smoked paprika to the recipe, which is one of my favorite spices to enhance certain recipes. So yummy and my husbands favorite new dish.

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