5 Reasons I Love Melissa Wood Health

I’ve been promising (or is it threatening?) to write this blog post for months. If you’re one of my friends IRL, you’ve most likely heard me talk—ok, maybe gush—about Melissa Wood Health. It’s an online fitness-and-then-some platform by Melissa Wood Tepperberg, a wellness influencer. 

Sure, you might be rolling your eyes at the phrase “wellness influencer,” but I swear she’s great. I will admit that she’s gorgeous, thin, and wealthy…but she never makes her followers feel like they aren’t. Even though she offers a paid app as well as branded props, she’s not pushy about them. She even states at the beginning of every workout that you’ll get just as good of a burn without any extras.

So, what even is MWH, you ask? It’s a blend of pilates, yoga, and strength exercises. Classes range from Full Body Sculpt to Quick Barre and everything in between. The platform also offers guided meditations, healthy recipes, and more.

I started MWH in May of 2022. I began with the weeklong free trial. When I realized I liked the mindful movement much more than other methods I had tried, I signed up for real. I stayed pretty consistent with it until this winter when I fell off the wagon a bit—but as I write this post, I’m back on! (I just participated in the 7 Day Amped Up Challenge and cannot recommend it enough.)

The platform was updated a few months ago and now features other fitness gurus in addition to Melissa. Those creators offer dance flows, breathwork, pre-and-post-natal classes and more. 

Below, I’m sharing the top five things I love about Melissa Wood Health. I hope this helps inform you, but always remember that you should keep trying different things until you find the exercise for you! Everybody is different, and that’s a beautiful thing, don’t you think?

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  1. It’s short…but spicy

It has been drilled into our minds by society that short workouts don’t “count.” That in order to see results, we have to spend an hour a day at the gym. From reading it in women’s magazines in my teen years to seeing it on social media today, it’s hard to get away from that mindset. 

I’ve gone through periods where I’ve worked out for two hours at a time because I was convinced it was the only thing that would be effective. Did I enjoy that time? Absolutely freaking not. In fact, I dreaded it.

Enter: Melissa Wood Health. In her workout videos and on her social media channels, Melissa is constantly repeating that short workouts can be just as effective as long ones. I was honestly super skeptical at first, but I made a pact with myself that I would try her method consistently for three months before bailing. As you already know, I’m still sticking with it today.

When you see the moves on the screen, they look deceivingly easy. But once you’re actually doing them, you realize how effective tiny movements can really be in building muscle.

  1. It’s low impact

Another workout myth that I fell victim to for years? That only high-impact workouts make any difference. I cringe when I think of the years I spent doing HIIT workouts that I despised. That’s such a huge reason why I found it so hard to stay consistent with exercise for so long—because I hated what I was doing. Not only did it just not feel good for me, but it was such a challenge with my blood sugar as a type 1 diabetic. I would crash so low during high-intensity workouts that I had to consume hundreds of calories to bring my blood sugar back up. With MWH, I’ve noticed that the impact on my blood sugar is much less severe. 

As Melissa says, consistency is the most important thing when it comes to working out—and you’re not going to stay consistent with something that you hate. After all, it’s only logical that it would be better to do a shorter, lower-intensity workout consistently than it is to do a long, high-intensity one every once in a blue moon.

  1. It’s affordable

MWH is just $9.99 per month—or you can save a bit by signing up for a full year at $99. 

Compared not only to expensive boutique fitness classes but also to other at-home workouts I’ve subscribed to, this is by far the cheapest one. And it’s worth every penny in my book. You can do the workouts on the go from an app on your phone, your computer, or even your TV. I downloaded the app directly to my Roku and I stream it right from my living room.

  1. It’s about how you feel, not what you look like

As a woman in today’s culture, it’s impossible not to stress about outward appearance. I’ve beaten myself up so many times for not having society’s idea of a “perfect” body. I’ve followed diets and workout programs that promised to alter my body into something else entirely. Honestly, that’s not going to happen with this program. If you’re trying to look like a completely different person, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re willing to trust that you will feel better, mentally and physically, then I recommend it wholeheartedly. 

While Melissa does have an absolutely bangin’ body, she is constantly reminding her followers that we’re doing this because of how we feel, not how we look. We’re doing this because we deserve to dedicate this time—no matter how short—to ourselves and no one else. To take time out of our busy days and just show up for ourselves.

There’s never any pressure to push yourself past what feels good during the MWH workouts. There’s no “lift heavier,” “run faster,” “don’t stop.”

  1. It yields results

When I first started MWH, I did take a before picture. But when I resumed after my little hiatus, I decided not to take photos this time. As I harped on above, I really want to do this for the feeling, not for a number on the scale or inches on my waist.

That being said, I did see a difference in my body when I remained consistent. My legs looked stronger, my baby arm muscles popped out again, and I even started to see some ab lines. I had people comment that I looked more toned in photos. Is that the be all, end all? No. But I’m only human, and it has been nice to see the consistency pay off.

I follow the “Challenging” schedule and try to do the workouts five days a week. Other than going for walks regularly to get my steps in, I don’t typically do anything in addition to these short-but-spicy classes and I still feel totally fulfilled!

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