Six True Crime Podcasts You’ll Obsess Over

Phew, it’s been three years since I shared any podcast recs with you. Blame it on the pandemic—once working from home became the norm, my podcast listening disappeared with my subway commute. 

As I’ve gotten into a consistent #HotGirlWalk routine and begun heading into my office once a week, I’ve picked the old hobby back up. And if you’ve been paying attention to this blog over the years, it’ll come as no surprise that I stuck with true crime as my genre of choice.

Below, you’ll find six true crime podcasts I’ve binged lately—along with a synopsis of why you should listen. Your time is valuable, obv, and I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Happy (errr, maybe not in this case) listening!

Colorfully yours,


Betrayal Season 1

Meet Jenifer, a successful woman in a seemingly perfect marriage. That is, until the police arrive with a search warrant for the home she shares with her husband, a high school teacher. Follow along as she tries to reconcile his newly-discovered double life with the man she thought she knew. Can’t get enough? This podcast was also turned into a Hulu documentary called Betrayal: The Perfect Husband.

Betrayal Season 2

Season two of Betrayal focuses on an entirely new story and family, but continues with the theme of a woman discovering her husband’s dark double life. This one is even harder to believe than Season 1 as the subject, Ashley, has children that become victims, too. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s an eye-opening look at the world of child sexual exploitation in our country. 

The Retrievals

At the renowned Yale Fertility Clinic, thousands of women underwent egg retrieval procedures as part of the IVF process. However, many of them found themselves in such unbearable pain that they begged their doctors and nurses for pain medication, only to be told they were already given the maximum amount. Find out what went wrong—and hear about how women’s pain is so often minimized and ignored. 

Why Can’t We Talk About Amanda’s Mom?

This one delves into the unsolved murder of a woman in 1993. The victim was found nude, without her head, and drained of blood. So why did the murder not get the attention it deserved? Host Sarah Cailean spent three years investigating the case herself, and this podcast details her eerie findings.


An anonymous tip leads an investigative producer to look into an unlikely criminal: a young, religious mother, wife and blogger sharing her inspirational cancer journey. Journalist Charlie Webster delves into the story, revealing how Amanda’s shocking secrets tore apart a family and left a community in disbelief.

Sweet Bobby

Who doesn’t love a catfish story? Well, other than the person being catfished, that is. Just when you think you’ve heard every dating scam story in the book, Sweet Bobby enters stage left. Stay with it until the end for the ultimate twist—trust me on this one.

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