Book Review: The Futures

Do you ever feel like everything you’ve planned out for yourself is just falling apart? Maybe the feeling isn’t so dramatic—maybe something just doesn’t feel quite right.

Whether consciously or not, we all start to plan our lives from the time we’re kids. College graduation tends to feel like the culmination of all of that planning and decision-making. But it’s often not until we’re a few years into our “real lives” that we realize things look a lot different in reality than they did on paper.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you should read The Futures by Anna Pitoniak.

The novel follows the post-grad lives of a young, well-to-do couple. After meeting at Yale, they’ve made the move to New York to live their dreams in the big city.

But it doesn’t take long before they both start to question whose dreams they’re living.

This book has got relationship drama, work conflict, family tension…it’s even got a legal dilemma.

I flew right through this one. Not only was it entertaining, it made me feel less alone. And isn’t that exactly what a good novel is supposed to do?

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