Cinnamon Crunch Banana Muffins

As I touched on in one of my most recent posts, my apartment in CT had a roach problem. I didn’t go into detail about how bad it really was, and a food post probably isn’t the place to…but basically, I didn’t use my kitchen for the last five-or-so months of living there.

Needless to say, I was SO PUMPED to start baking again once I moved into my new place. I was even kind of excited to cook—but that one didn’t last long.

I stocked up on baking essentials, pinned a bunch of recipes, and set out to turn my tiny kitchen into a little bakery…until I realized my oven is miniature. It’s not deep or wide enough to fit a cookie sheet. I tried a regular-sized one and a small one, but neither fit. It’s also pretty old school, so I can’t really tell what temperature I’m cooking on. It’s kind of a fun little guessing game.

I texted my parents about it because I felt like I was on a TV show about a girl coming of age in New York City. 

My mom responded: “Should’ve married Nick Jonas! You have more in common with him than Priyanka does, anyway.” (Nick and I are both diabetic, FYI.)

Then, Dad: “He has an elevator.” 

(My parents aren’t the biggest fans of the fifth-floor walk-up aspect of my apartment.)

Although I’m definitely going to be doing a lot less meal-prepping than I had envisioned, I’m not going to let my small space stop me from baking some guilt-free treats!

My latest concoction was this Whole Wheat Cinnamon Crunch Banana Bread from Savory Nothings, except I made the recipe into muffins. I wish I could say it was a creative choice, but truthfully I just couldn’t find my loaf pan post-move.

These muffins are “lightened up” with Greek yogurt and whole wheat flour, but they’re not quite as healthy as my usual suspects—just a warning.

That being said, they taste like a delicious mix of banana bread and crumb cake. That is a mix that cannot go wrong.

Note: I used a standard muffin pan and the recipe made about 18 muffins. (Apparently a standard muffin pan fits in my oven.)

Another note: This recipe will make your kitchen smell like actual heaven, and you will want to make a candle out of it.

Happy baking!

Colorfully Yours,


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