City Girl Gingham

I’ve officially been a New York City resident for six months! Well, six months and two days, but who’s counting? I feel like I just got here and my NYC bucket list grows longer by the minute. The wildest thing about this city is that you could live here for twenty years without making a dent in said bucket list. It’s an overwhelming thought (especially for an anxious gal like me) but it’s also insanely exciting! So many restaurants, bars, parks, streets, museums and activities to discover.

I’m lucky enough to call the Upper East Side my home. In my neighborhood alone there’s so much to do! My friend Annie and I took advantage of the warm weather (finally) and wandered around taking photos. We wanted to sit outside and have a drink after our hard work, obviously! We ended up at Doc Watson’s, which I had only ever known as a pub for grabbing a beer. But we learned that they offer a brunch entree and two drinks for just $17.95! In New York, that feels like stealing.

We obviously had to cap off the day with a sweet treat. We went to Van Leeuwen’s, one of the absolute best ice cream places. I have that, Emack & Bolio’s, Insomnia Cookies and a million other dessert shops within a four block radius. They’re even opening a Levain Bakery location less than a block away. Basically, I’m in a total danger zone…and that doesn’t count the actual “food” options. It’s a good thing I do a lot of walking.

Ok, now to the outfit. The city isn’t exactly a hotbed of preppy style, so my outfits tend to lean more trendy here. Gingham is something that’s usually thought of in that preppy category. But it can be a total combo of styles! I found this dress on Amazon and was worried about the quality since it’s only $15.99 (!!!), but the reviews were good so I gave it a shot. It ended up fitting perfectly! It has a cute tie-up back and a hidden side zipper. I paired it with classic white Keds, funky Free People sunnies and a quirky googly-eyed backpack I found at Marshall’s.

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