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November is National Diabetes Month. The goal is to spread awareness of the disease that is so often misunderstood and stigmatized.

As I mentioned in my diabetes series earlier this fall, diabetes kills more people per year than AIDS and breast cancer combined. Type 1 diabetes is responsible for an estimated loss of life expectancy of 13 years. There is also a myriad of complications that affect the entire body and mind.

Since I spent much of September informing my readers about the Type 1 diabetes, a disease that I suffer from, I decided to take a different approach this month.Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.44.20 PM

I have set up a page on, a website that makes cute (and colorful!) jewelry to bring awareness to and raise money for countless causes. For each item purchased on their website, Bravelets donates $10 to the cause of your choice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.24.55 PMWhile I have set up my page to directly proceed the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Bravelets also supports causes related to Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, MS, mental health, and so much more. You can even set up a page to raise funds for your own medical bills.

On my page, you will see that I have chosen three colors: silver gray, teal, and pink. Gray was the original color of diabetes awareness via a gray ribbon, but most people have switched over to representing the disease with blue – the color of the circle designated by the International Diabetes Foundation. And since I’m all about the brights, I allowed myself the creative freedom of teal – it’s in the blue family! As for pink, I just love pink. Who doesn’t want pink jewelry? If none of these colors suit you, though, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page and choose your very own color.

I unfortunately was not able to get a promo code for Bravelets – not for lack of trying, though – but I guess we can all suck it up knowing that it is for a good cause! The items on my page range from $25-$42.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the “be brave” earrings. How cute?!

To head over to my Bravelets page, click one of the links above or visit: Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.25.03 PM

And if you’d like a refresher on my diabetes series from earlier this fall, check out the following links:

Thank you all so much for your love and support! Happy shopping!

Colorfully Yours,


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