Healthy Chicken Salad

healthy chicken salad

The other day, I posted a photo of the makings of a healthy chicken salad I had made. I didn’t post the recipe, but I suddenly got a bunch of texts and comments asking me for it! So, here I am. I can’t take credit for this recipe at all – found it on Pinterest, what else is new?! Thanks to Tara at Fit Baby Steps for this refreshing, filling creation!

You can find the recipe here.

A few notes:

  • I used precooked grilled chicken strips from the grocery store because I’m lazy and raw chicken scares me a little
  • I halved the recipe, and it made enough for two lunches on a bed of lettuce
  • I skipped the onion because I’m not about that life
  • I used dried basil instead of fresh because, again, lazy
  • I don’t even know what pink salt is so I used regular
  • I let the mixture sit in the fridge overnight and I think it made it taste even better

This recipe was super easy, yummy and healthy! I usually take the lazy (are we sensing a theme here?) way out and bring a protein bar to work for lunch, but this honestly took way less effort than I thought and left me so much more satisfied!

Hope you love it!

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