She’s Up All Night to Get…Lilly


Unless you live under a very dark, unfashionable rock, you know that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection debuted on April 19th. I wasn’t planning on blogging about it because it was over a month ago, but then I realized two important things:

  • It took me just about the full month to recover from the sale, anyway.
  • How could I rightfully call my blog “Life in Color” without blogging about the brand known for bold, bright patterns?

I’ll admit that when the collaboration was first announced, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I knew it would be nearly impossible to score any of the merchandise.

But how could I be against one of my favorite brands teaming up with one of my favorite stores to offer clothing that my part-time work budget could afford? After all, Bargain Hunter is my middle name. I believe you can look just as good (often better) in a $15 outfit as opposed to a $1500 one. Why should this be any different?

As soon as the lookbook came out, I went through each item several times and made a mental list of my priorities. (Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.) I knew that the second the line launched, madness would ensue. As seriously as I take my shopping, I look like a monk compared to these cutthroat gals. I refused to go to a store for the launch because there are two things I just do not have room for in my life: girl fights and waking up early.

Rumor had it that the website launch would occur between midnight and 3 A.M. So of course I set up shop on my computer at 11:30 just in case.

I’m not kidding when I say I refreshed my browser every 5-10 minutes from then until 3:15 when it FINALLY launched. I was so tired at one point that I set alarms at ten-minute intervals so I could wake up, refresh the page, and catnap some more.

Once the website finally launched, it kept crashing. Needless to say my mental priority list went out the window. It was a mad dash to get anything I could. I was able to get about ten items in my cart, but couldn’t make it to the checkout page without getting an error message. At about 4:30 I was able to order five items. I’ve never been so happy to stop shopping.

It turns out I was a lot more successful than most people I spoke to. When I got my shipment, I couldn’t believe that EVERYTHING fit. If you know me at all, you know I have the worst luck in the universe. Looks like the preppy gods were shining down on me for once.

Although I did work harder for this Lilly than most people I know worked for their college degrees.

Ok, enough talking. Here is the loot:


  • Espadrilles in Nosey Posey: I. Needed. These. I love a cute flat shoe more than I love most humans. They are so comfortable and easy to slip on. The print matches more than half the clothes in my closet. (Yeah, I really do love color.)
  • Shift Dress in Giraffeeey: This wasn’t my top print, but it looks so much cuter on than it did on the site. And that’s not something I say very often. It is SO flattering. The only downfall is that it’s linen, so it wrinkles like a 90 year old.
  • Button Down in Nosey Posey: Same print as the espadrilles, so it’s perfect for when I’m feeling obnoxiously matchy. Super cute/bright/looks great with a good tan. Can’t go wrong.
  • Jumpsuit in Boom Boom: OMG. This wasn’t even on my original list, don’t ask me why. Silky, flattering, and I don’t need 17.5 inch heels or a seamstress with a chainsaw to alter it for my short frame. Now I just need a social event to wear it to! Any takers…?
  • Palazzo Pants in Fan Dance: I wanted these pants, but I didn’t like this print online. It looks so much better in person! They’re so comfy. The elastic drawstring waist is actually an illusion, so they’re not adjustable which is odd. But since they’re a little loose I’ll just have some extra dessert whenever I wear em’. Problem solved!

I will post more photos as I debut the items!

Wearing my palazzo pants at the Volvo Ocean Race in Newport, RI

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