True Crime Podcasts I Can’t Stop Streaming

I’m bubbly, feminine, and bright. But I also love stories about murder and dark secrets. Go figure. I’ve been interested in this stuff for as long as I can remember…even though I was also afraid of my own shadow for many years.

Since my commute to work has increased again, I’ve gotten back into the podcast game. Here are a few of my recent favorites—best when listened to in the daylight.

Over My Dead Body

It’s a tale as old as time: the seemingly perfect couple isn’t so perfect after all. But in this case, it ends with murder. It’s about a couple in Florida that’ll leave you thinking being single isn’t so bad…and also, that your family is pretty damn normal.

The Shrink Next Door

It’s hard to open up to a stranger, even when you’re paying them to listen. But imagine if your therapist used your vulnerability to manipulate you and control your life? Well, that really happened to the people in this podcast.

Man in the Window

We’ve all heard of the Golden State Killer. But most of us haven’t heard from any of his actual victims…until now. Just a heads up: you’ll want to lock all your doors after this one.

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