Work it Out: The Best Playlists for Every Workout Mood

workout playlists

While most people swear by Spotify or Pandora, I’ve been a diehard 8tracks groupie for years now. Granted, their app isn’t the most reliable in regards to technical issues, but I swear by the content. You can use tags for any mood, artist, activity, etc. Even your most obscure moods will find an accompanying playlist on 8tracks.

When I find the perfect playlist on the app, I never let it go. I favorite it and listen to it until 8tracks tells me that their music license doesn’t allow me to anymore. And even then, I only let it rest for a day before I pick it back up again.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot exercise if I don’t have an absolutely amazing playlist running through my earbuds. If I have to skip more than two songs in a row, sayonara sneakers. To save you from that fate, I’m sharing the best playlists I’ve discovered on 8tracks. I know, I’m a saint. Without further ado…

workout playlists

When you’re feelin’ like a bad bitch:

Excuse my french, but there’s really no other way to put it. For those days when you just wanna strut your stuff and stick it to the (probably imaginary) haters, these are the playlists for you. To be honest, this is my workout mood 99% of the time. I’m pretty sure I found all three of these by typing in the tags “Beyonce” and “Nicki Minaj.” There really is no better pair to work that booty to.

  • Working Out with Beyonce by ANYAARCHER
  • Get in Formation by COLD_MOLD
  • Fit Girl Workout by SHITTYPERSONGR8MUSIC (LOL at that person’s username)

When you’re feelin’ 17 again:

Sometimes you’re feeling indie and young and maybe even a teensy bit emo. But happy emo, if that’s even a thing. You’re twenty-something, but you’re also in the mood for some One Direction, T.Swift and Avril Lavigne. So what? That’s not a crime.

  • You’re Gonna Sing the Words Wrong by PIPANPINK
  • I’m Just Feelin It by KIRSTIE_MONTY
  • The Best People in Life Are Free by COFFEE.AT.MIDNIGHT

When you’re feelin’ dancey:

I usually skip over any playlists tagged “dance music” or “electronic.” Unless I’m at a pool party in Vegas or a club in Miami, chances are I won’t be getting in any sort of electro-groove. If you have mild OCD like I do, you’re probably annoyed that there are three playlists in the above categories but only two in this one. But, I wanted to use playlists that I actually listen to, not ones that I went searching for in the name of this post. And these are two that got past my anti-EDM and/or mashup filter and into my heart.

  • Forever Young by MAUINOODLE
  • The Best Never Stop by UNDERARMOUR

Colorfully Yours,


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