But I’m a ’90’s Bitch

As much as our parents try to convince us that the music from their generation trumps ours, I will defend the 1990’s ’til the end. Although I was negative-one-year-old when the decade began, I consider myself a true ’90s kid. We had the best bands, the best TV shows, and some of the best trends. I’m not even going to start listing any of these because I could be here all night.

Katie and I at TAMO

That’s why when my friend Katie offered up an extra ticket to the Third Eye Blind concert in Boston last week, I was all over it. The best surprise was that Dashboard Confessional was the opening act. Helllllo, seventh grade! It brought me right back to my Laguna Beach fangirl days.

I never miss an opportunity to dress for a theme, so I started brainstorming fun 90s outfits right away. Since I’m on a verrrry tight budget these days, I wanted to use what I had in my closet. So I decided on a black crop top, boyfriend jeans, and a flannel. Then I went to Walmart and splurged $1 for one of those tattoo-style chokers that I never went to a Britney Spears or NSYNC concert without.

Flannel Collage
The original plan

However, when the day of the concert approached, I spent hours deliberating. None of the other girls were going to wear anything in theme. That has never stopped me before, but we were also planning on going to a pretty nice dinner before the concert. After changing about a billion times, I finally decided on a semi-normal outfit with some 90s influences.

Cheetah Collage
The final decision

I ended up in a pair of slouchy, dark cheetah print pants with the same black crop top. It was a pretty chilly night in Boston (what else is new?) so I threw a leather jacket on top. Shoe CollageI normally don’t pair different cheetah prints, but with the dark hue of my pants and the edgy vibe of the outfit I decided I liked these studded cheetah sandals. The quilted platform sneakers on the right will have to wait for my next quirky occasion.


For my hair I did a half-up bun with wavy ends. The left over blonde color on my ends worked well with the bun! I swear this is the same exact hairdo I wore to my first ever concert when I was little…just without the glittery butterfly clips.

Accessory-wise I wore my usual statement necklace. I also wore a pair of earrings that Katie sent me when I was abroad in Barcelona two years ago – they’re still in my rotation! One side says “LO” and the other ear says “VE.”

We went to TAMO in the Seaport for dinner and then walked about a block to the concert venue. Third Eye Blind was playing at the Blue Hills Pavillion. It was such an awesome venue. It’s outdoors but the stage and seats are covered, so there’s no risk of getting soaked if it rains. There were plenty of concession stands with beer and food. Although we didn’t quite fit in with the die-hard fans, we had a great time. The vibe was really casual and fun. I probably knew about four songs by heart – but man, those songs were good. 😉

I felt like the concert was a great TBT (it was even on a Thursday). Unfortunately we didn’t get any real, full-length pictures (hence the mirror pics) but I always say that’s the sign of a good night!

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