CFDA Awards: Model Behavior and a Flair for Flare

Once a year, the red carpet is rolled out for the people normally responsible for dressing it. I’m talking about the CFDA Awards – the awards ceremony put on by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The best of the best fashion designers are recognized while editors, models and celebs strut their trendy stuff in celebration. It’s a time for A-listers (and sometimes B-and-C-listers) to pay homage to the creative souls that make them look so damn good. That time came Monday night. Now for the only awards that really matter – my picks for best and worst dressed of the night. Of course I’m only doing this in good fun. I’m 1000% positive that I’ve been on several people’s mental worst dressed lists before. As long as you feel good, who cares? Fashion is supposed to be fun. So I’m going to call the “worst” dressed category “not so well dressed” to ease the sting. That being said…


Model Behavior CFDA

Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, and Lily Aldridge killed it, as they almost always seem to do. Isn’t it enough that they’re supermodels? Gigi always shines, but this time the sparkle was literal in a glitzy Michael Kors jumpsuit. Chrissy’s structured, crisp white ensemble left her infamous cleavage mostly to the imagination while still showing some skin. Lily proved that black is far from boring in a sequined, flapper-esque long-sleeved number.

Flair for Flare CFDA

Juliette Lewis, Jemima Kirke, and Vanessa Hudgens have a flair for flare. Their looks were reminiscent of old Hollywood glam, each with their own edgy twist. I’ll admit I had to Google Juliette Lewis even though I vowed not to judge the outfits of anyone I didn’t know by name. But I love a full feathered skirt, and they’re hard to pull off! Even my girl Nina Dobrev missed the mark with a similar style. I had to give props to Juliette. Jemima’s slightly midriff baring outfit packed a punch with an amazing color and cool silhouette. Vanessa classed it up, swapping her typical boho style for a feminine frock, while the sheer top kept it interesting.

Best Dressed Honorable Mentions: Emmy Rossum, Tory Burch, Joan Smalls, Rachel Zoe, Jenna Lyons


Bad to the Bone CFDA

Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried, Julianna Margulies and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen tried a little too hard to be edgy and different. Oh, they were bad to the bone, alright – just not in the way they intended. Kim seemed to put too much stock in Kanye’s opinion with her busy dress. I love the woman, but she has squeezed the life out of the sheer-dress-with-high-waisted-underwear look. Amanda looked like she belonged in a museum of bygone European history, not on the red carpet in 2015. Poor Julianna forgot to change out of her dressing robe before she got in the car! Finally, it physically pains me a little to insult the Olsen twins, but it’s about time they ditched that bag-lady-chic look. They should have taken some black satin pant suit inspo from J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons!

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