Festive Flicks: A Very Netflix Holiday

For some people, the highlight of the holiday season is decorating. For others, it’s finding a spot for the Elf on the Shelf. For me? It’s watching cheesy Netflix Christmas movies on my couch with a Frasier fir-scented candle burning in the background.

As I gave my coworkers my rundown of the movies I watched this past weekend—including numerical ratings, of course—they gave me the brilliant idea to make a blog post out of it.

While I’m focusing only on the ones I’ve watched for the first time this year, I highly recommend catching up on any you have yet to stream from the past few winters. Cough, cough, The Princess Switch.

Let It Snow 5/10

It had so. much. promise. Anything with Kiernan Shipka in it has to be a hit—just look at the love letter blog post I wrote about her a couple of years back. Instead, this one tried too hard to riff off of Love Actually and Valentine’s Day with the whole intersecting lives thing. It fell flat…too many stories and didn’t delve into any of them in depth. You did my girl Kiernan wrong, fam. It still gets a five because of the notable cast members and the all around teen vibe. I live for that.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby 8/10

I actually liked this one more than I liked A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Did I like it more than A Christmas Prince? Well, probably not, but you just can’t beat an OG. Anyway, maybe it’s partially due to my nearing-unhealthy baby obsession, but I found myself getting genuinely interested in the plot line here. Like, verbally trying to guess what was going to happen every five minutes kind of interested.

Santa Girl 6/10

The name does not do this movie any favors. Then again, this movie probably doesn’t deserve any favors. In it, Santa and his daughter are both jerks. What’s up with that? She tries to escape the arranged marriage he has planned for her (yeah, it went there) by heading to college. The saving grace is that here we meet Sam, the first “real boy” in her life. I ended up really loving him…to the point that I DMed the actor on Instagram after watching it. For those asking, he has not read the DM yet.

The Knight Before Christmas 4/10

Even Vanessa freaking Hudgens couldn’t save this one. I couldn’t get through it on the train from NYC to Boston…and you’re held captive on that thing. Nothing happens in this damn movie. Giving it a four because Christmas movies just can’t go below that. It isn’t right.

Christmas Inheritance 9/10

Hallmark, is that you? For fans of the classic channel, this Netflix version will scratch that itch. Small town boy, wealthy girl, a snowy backdrop, …it hits the trifecta. Oh, and there’s even a baking scene. It’s a foolproof recipe, my friends. All the Christmas feels!

Did you find yourself nodding and smiling with this list? Yelling in vehement disagreement? Let me know either way.

And please comment if I’ve missed out on any gems! There are still many pre-Christmas binge sessions to go, am I right?

Colorfully Yours,


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