Get the Look: Metallic Flatform Oxfords

metallic oxfords

I love reading magazines, but I won’t read them until I can dedicate ample time and brainpower to actually absorb them. I know that sounds silly, but there’s so much to take in throughout those pages! Needless to say, I sometimes end up behind on the magazine schedule.

Yesterday, I finally read the huge March issue of Marie Claire from cover to cover. I gave each page the opportunity to dazzle me, as always. Yes, even the ads. One of the first ads that struck me was this shot of Dakota Fanning for AGL. First of all, I love her. An article I wrote about Dakota and her sis, Elle, for a past internship is still one of my favorite pieces I’ve worked on.dakota fanning, agl shoes

Aside from featuring one of my favorite celebs, though, the AGL ad caught my eye because of these amazing metallic flatform oxford shoes. That’s kind of a mouthful, I know. But in my opinion, each of those details are equally important. If the shoes were just oxfords, or just flatforms, or just metallic, they wouldn’t have captured my attention so well.

I knew they’d be expensive, but a little Google search never hurt anyone. Well, turns out these cool shoes will set you back a not-so-cool $410. You can check them out on the Nordstrom site here.

So, since I’m just such a giving gal, I took the time to do some research and find some budget friendly alternatives. You’re so welcome. 😉

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