Maybe it’s just me and my sick social media addiction, but I get so excited when I find cool new accounts to follow on Instagram. From adorable puppies to trendy humans, my feed is always full of interesting photos. I figured I should share the wealth and compile a list of some of my favorite accounts. Double tap til you drop!




@dailydougie: I found Dougie the shih-tzu via the popular page a month or two ago. It was love at first sight. You know that best friend that you have a silent agreement with to like every single one of each other’s Instagrams, no questions asked? That’s me and Dougie. Except it’s one sided. When I saw videos of Dougie refusing to get out of bed and ignoring the ball during fetch I knew he was my spirit animal.

@barkleysircharles: Sir Charles Barkley is a French Bulldog with 262 thousand followers. He also has a clothing line. Enough said.

@_unlikelyfriends_: This is the story of Miss Zoe and Mr. Bailey – another French Bulldog and a Balinese Cat that are the best of friends. I’m normally anti-cat, but a cat and dog cuddling while wearing funny outfits? I’m in.

@theodorefitzpatrick: One of the first non-humans I followed. He belongs to @carly, aka The College Prepster (another great account). He is a golden toy poodle with the cutest little smile and the most fabulous life.





@hilaryduff: If you don’t know I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with all things Hilary Duff, you clearly don’t know me at all. She is beautiful, talented, has awesome hair, and is so sweet… ok, so I don’t know her personally. Whatever. Her unfairly adorable son Luca makes lots of cameos as well.

@jessicasimpson: I follow for her picture-perfect blonde family. She has also gotten super in shape and I could always use a little fitspiration.

@itsashbenzo/@shaym: I combined these two because they both star in Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I am aware that I’m too old to be watching that show. Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell are both trendy, fun, gorgeous, etc. So if you choose to be a PLL hater, your loss!

@emmaroberts: My friend gave me a heads up about Emma’s account because she always posts the books she is reading on Instagram. I even went through hundreds of her Instagrams recently to write down/look up all the books she has recommended. Bookworms, you’re welcome.



@thecoveteur: Because I ‘covet’ everything they post. Obviously.

@coffeenclothes: Who doesn’t love coffee? Who doesn’t love clothes? Who doesn’t love the two combined? If you answered “me!” to any of those questions, you probably have some reevaluating to do anyway.

@barbiestyle: Yes, like the doll. But this is Barbie like you’ve never seen her before. Whoever runs this account is a genius. They dress Barbie in these amazing clothes and pose her around the city. She even goes to the gym and reads Elle.




@girlwithnojob: Talk about a girl after my own heart. Funny posts to get you through the day, employed or not.

@humansofny: I’m sure everyone is already following, but Humans of New York gets me so emotional. I laugh, I cry, I throw the phone. All signs of a top-of-the-line Instagram account.


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