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Before I started commuting from Connecticut to New York every day, I did not understand the whole podcast thing.

Whenever I tried listening to one, I found myself focusing in on the host’s voice and, frankly, letting it bug me to death. For those of you that have heard me speak, you’re probably rolling your eyes…but the thing is, I’m aware that my voice is annoying. I sound like a whiny toddler. (Which is why—despite all of the riveting things I have to say, obviously—I wouldn’t subject you guys to a podcast.)

I asked my friends (and Twitter followers) for podcast recommendations when my commute started, though, because listening to music twice a day for such long periods of time just got kind of boring.

Everyone told me I needed to listen to “U Up?” or “Girls Gotta Eat,” which are both mostly about the trials and tribulations of the dating world and hookup culture in 2018. While those are both totally on-brand for me, I haven’t really been able to get into either one.

Why would I want to spend my time listening to strangers talk about their dating lives when my friends and I have enough material to talk nonstop about it ourselves?

It also bugs me that the hosts seem to spend 50% of the time promoting the podcast you’re ALREADY EFFING LISTENING TO.

I guess I’m in a sassier mood than I realized…

Ok, so anyway. I now love podcasts.

I know, that took a turn.

But they key is, I like podcasts with an ongoing story.

And, it turns out, I like them pretty dark, too. But that will come as no surprise to most of you.

You’re probably thinking “OK DUH, SHE LIKES SERIAL.” Which I did listen to…but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. TBH, I thought it was kind of overrated, but that’s an argument for another time.

OKokokok. Ready for my faves?



I know…this is not some secret podcast that I “discovered.” In fact, it just became a scripted series on Bravo. But I didn’t call this the indie, underground podcast list, did I? Anyway, it’s SO. DAMN. GOOD. It’s a true story about this sociopathic guy that preys on older women on dating apps. You know as soon as episode one that he ends up stabbing someone…you just don’t know who. This guy is the definition of a master manipulator. HOLY SHIT IT’S SO INTERESTING. Ok. Go listen. Bye.



Another one that is pretty popular already, but the popularity is totally deserved. Another true crime story. Another sociopath. Another laundry list of unsuspecting victims. It’s got it all, people! This one follows the career of a neurosurgeon in Texas who was purposely paralyzing and killing his damn patients and couldn’t be stopped! Do not listen before you’re about to go in to surgery. That sounds obvious, but I accidentally recommended this to a coworker who was about to do just that. My bad.



This one I totally might have discovered!!! I mean, probably not, but no one recommended it to me, so let’s go with it. It’s about sex trafficking in the United States. I’ve been super intrigued by sex trafficking since high school when I took a current events/global studies class that featured a unit about it. Thank you, Ms. Masters! Between my love for the movie Taken and the show Law and Order: SVU, my interest has only grown. This podcast is narrated by a young female journalist named Noor who travels around the country to uncover the details surrounding human trafficking right here in America. Yes, it is a huge problem here. So put on those headphones and get educated, people!



My brother was talking about the written version of this on Thanksgiving. It’s a Boston Globe Spotlight series that follows the rise and fall of the late Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots player. It delves into his rough upbringing, his no-rules life as a player at the University of Florida, and the brain damage he suffered from the game…all leading up to murders he committed and his ultimate suicide in prison. Whether you’re a football fan or not, this one is super eye-opening in many different ways.


Happy listening! (Should I say happy when these are all dark? IDK.)


Colorfully Yours,




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