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I may have gone to public high school, but there were certainly times I fantasized about a school uniform.

No, not for the ease of getting ready in the morning or the leveling of the proverbial playing field. Rather, for the creative expression that comes with trying to make a uniform unique. Watching Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf turn the classic plaid skirt and oxford shirt into a runway-worthy ensemble left me drooling. Whether you were a boho babe or a preppy princess, the Gossip Girls probably inspired you to put your own twist on the basics.

Although I’m now well into my postgrad life, I can’t help but fall into a back-to-school mindset.

That’s why when KRZA by Krystle Dawn sent me an adorable handmade headband, it didn’t take long to decide what to pair with it. The Arctic headband in Stargazer is a black and white striped knit with silver threads woven through it. It’s so versatile that I thought it may take me hours to pick out an outfit. But then, like a moth to light, I walked into my closet and immediately gravitated towards my quilted faux-leather A-line skirt. Next, a crisp collared white oxford jumped out at me. In true Gossip Girl fashion, though, the collar is embellished with huge jewels. I feel like if I were a shirt, I’d be this one.







In another school-girl-gone-edgy twist, I picked out my favorite pair of loafers – black with a lip print on one shoe and lipstick on the other. Yes, my loafers were giving some serious lip.

The outfit was practically screaming for a slick top knot peaking out from my KRZA headband. Private school approved, don’t you think?

My friend Elizabeth suggested winged black eyeliner, and I was all about it. The problem is, I’m horrible about makeup, so it took about 25 minutes to find one usable stub of an old eyeliner. I swear my brain spends so much energy on clothing that it won’t allow room for beauty products. Or money for ’em. Maybe that’s it.

I tend to feel a bit naked without a statement necklace, but my jeweled collar and a pair of big, sparkly studs did the trick.

I felt so cool yet so polished in this look. The KRZA headband completed it. After all, no prep school ensemble is complete without a headband – just ask Blair – and this turban-style number added the perfect amount of unique flair.

Krystle Dawn has tons of styles and prints of headbands on her site. She even makes “Mommy and Me” sets! She has an amazing Instagram account, her products are affordable, and to top it all off, she has been a sweetheart to work with! As you start to expand your fall wardrobe, consider accessorizing with KRZA.

As for the lesson of the day?

Whether you’re in school or not, you can always go back to cool.







The Colorful Details:

Headband KRZA by Krystle Dawn (c/o) // Top Ann Taylor Loft (similar here) // Skirt Marshall’s (similar here) // Shoes UrbanOG (old) // Photography by Katelyn Derby

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